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  • Professional Camera Equipment: Discovering The New Tiffen PRO100 Series Of Filters

    Tiffen is bringing their prize winning Motion Picture and TV industry filters to photographers and videographers around the world with their brand new Pro 100 Series Filter gear. The adapter set attaches to your lens via the standard filter ring and then it allows you to use one or two of Tiffen’s MPTV 4x4 or 5x5 filters.

    Professional Camera Equipment

    Made precisely to work with Tiffen’s MPTV filters, the edge is sealed to stop any light spill, plus you can fully rotate it too. Tiffen says that the Pro 100 system will also come in two and three filter kit possibilities, allowing for photographers and videographers to make use of an assortment of filters for whatever their needs may be. The standards default filter size will be 77mm, but other ones ranging from 49-82mm will also be available.

    Tiffen has also added two originals to their diffusion line of filters, the Antique Pearlescent and the Warm Satin. These were made with 4K material in mind as well. Normally, these filters are intended to soften the skin in the mid tones, and bloom the highlights to give a resemblance to old films with glamorous leading ladies of the black and white era. While some may say that this can all be done in post nowadays thanks to filters in editing and post software, you can save a lot of time by doing it all in-camera especially if you’re on a budget. Plus, doing things the old fashioned way can be an awful lot of fun at times.

    The new filters encompass:

    • Extremely hard-wearing Aluminium Frame, equipped with rubber grips, allowing for a secure fit for the filters.
    • Holds up to two, 4mm thick glass filters
    • Fully rotatable adapter ring
    • Edge sealed to stop light leaks for long exposure photography
    • Works with adapter rings from 49mm-82mm

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