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  • How to Broadcast Live Videos From Your Camera

    Live streaming of events has largely contributed to the shift in how several people use social media and various content websites. Instead of posting a long, unreadable and boring description of the activities of an event, broadcasting live videos over the Internet has become the trend. Have you been wondering how to catch up with this powerful shift? You have come to the right place.

    How to Set Up a Camera for Live Broadcast

    You can start a small-scale live broadcast without any budget strains if you already own a camera or a good smartphone. With a smartphone, all you need is either a reliable cellular internet connection or a strong WiFi connection to begin broadcasting on different content media like Facebook.

    Live Stream

    However, if you desire to broadcast live videos in an improved, professional way, you will need a reliable broadcast camera. Here is a brief description of how to achieve this effortlessly. Before you set out to begin a live broadcast, you must have a few things to set up a live stream camera. They include a broadcast camera, which will be the source of your video, an encoder, and a very reliable internet connection.

    First, ascertain the kind of video your camera outputs. Most available consumer-level cameras output an HDMI signal while professional-level cameras often output HDMI signals and HD-SDI connectivity as well. You can find what kind of video your device outputs by either checking its manual or looking up its model and make on the internet.

    Secondly, get an encoder into action. A camera records your videos in a format that cannot be transmitted over the internet. Therefore, you will need an encoder to optimize your videos for online broadcast. There are different types of encoders: software encoders that run on computers and hardware encoder devices that are dedicated to video streaming. Whichever you settle on, do your research first.

    If you choose a software encoder, you will need to get a capture device that will capture the live video feed from the recording device (camera) and transmit it to the encoding device. Blackmagic’s UltraStudio Mini Recorder and Magewell’s USB Capture HDMI are some of the most common examples of such capture devices.

    Tips for Quality Live Broadcast

    Important tips that will help you get a good quality stream that satisfies your audience include:

    • If you are using a phone, do not scrape your hand across the microphone. Doing this will hurt people’s ears.
    • Using external microphones will greatly improve the audio experience of your streams.
    • Use a tripod stand to provide your audience with quality, professional streams. Remember, a shaky camera may cause a dizzying experience for your audience.

    During a live stream, especially if you are dealing with video media, a stable internet connection is mandatory. Otherwise, you will end up with an angry audience. Make sure your connection also has sufficient upload speeds of at least 1 Mbps per second. Just to be sure before you begin a live broadcast, test your upload speeds. gives accurate test results.

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