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  • Davis & Sanford Tripods with 75mm & 100mm levellers

    3D_DAVIS_SANFORD_1__67366_zoomDavis & Sanford, one of America’s oldest, most respected tripod manufacturers, has been a major force in the advancement of modern tripod design for nearly 80 years but their ProElite series has really broken upon new grounds. Available with either a 75mm or 100mm ball leveller, this tripods have a number of different features which makes it truly versatile. The Davis and Sanford ProElite Tripods come with both a Mid-Level and a Ground Spreader making them some of the most versatile Tripods out there, especially as these Tripods can be used in conjunction with DV, HDV and DSLR Camera Configurations.

    The counter balance features mean that no matter the configuration of your camera, maybe a heavy lens makes it top-heavy, this tripod can be adjusted to make usage as smooth as possible. You can also adjust the hydraulics in the camera head so, on the fly, if you need a different dampening effect that you only have to make a small adjustment without the need to remove your camera first. There is a slight audible sound to reassure you that the change has taken place, but the alteration process is smooth and takes minimal effort.

    The 75mm option has a 5-15 head has a selectable 4-position Pan and Tilt Drag selector that is easy to control and direct and an 80mm Sliding Camera Plate Range. Where the 100mm can hold a heavier weight with its 5-25 head and 60mm Sliding Mini Euro Camera Plate. Both heads have a bubble level clearly visible to help position your camera. The rapid action transport clips mean that you can easily switch between cameras.

    Both Tripods have a maximum height of 163cm when fully extended, only being 90cm when folded. And being made of aluminium the entire set up is very light weight and the 2-in-1 Spreader feature includes snap in centre support brace with boots for uneven ground plus adjustable ground spreader for maximum rigidity and support.

    Both the 75mm and 100mm Tripod comes with a heavy duty ballistic nylon padded Tripod bag included for ease of transport. Additionally you have the choice between spiked or rubber feet for use in various locations depending on your needs.

    Davis & Sanford and Vista tripods offer a matchless combination of convenience, performance, durability, and value, all based on an 80-year tradition of uncompromising quality. And to prove our commitment, all are backed by our 10-year warranty.

    We currently have these versatile Davis and Sanford Tripods available for both purchase and lease.

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