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  • Discovering The New Professional Camcorder Features From Canon

    The new professional camcorder Canon XC10

    The XC10 is Canon's entry-level Cinema EOS professional camcorder. Still, it's a quite different when compared to other cameras in Cinema EOS range, such as the C300 line.

    For starters, it's price puts it much nearer to consumer-grade camcorders. This is also a camcorder with an immovable lens, rather than EF mount, and there's no Super 35 sensor inside either.

    On the other hand, the XC10 does convey a generous one-inch CMOS sensor and the capability of capturing 4K video. So could this finally be the professional camcorder-DSLR hybrid people have been itching to get their hands on?

    The key reason Professional Camcorderbehind videomakers seeing DSLRs as so eye-catching is of course the image quality offered, and excelling in this space allows the XC10 to be excused for what are only a few shortfalls. It's very capable in the image quality department, and the photos it generates are a cut above what the usual camcorders with lesser chips and sensors are capable of. Specifically, the DOF at it’s widest of f/2.8 can create very attractive shallow focus effects.

    The video shot in 4K is overflowing with details, and there's unquestionably no indication of artefacts due to the huge bitrate. Even when left in default mode, the colours are tremendously normal and precise. With the additional looks, extensive dynamic range and Canon C-Log possibilities, there's a massive amount that can be done to give your material exactly the look you want, or you can match it simply to material shot on another camcorder.

    So should I need this professional camcorder?

    In terms of the professional camcorder, the XC10 will win you over, despite some of its faults. However, if you're looking for the be all and end all of devices that is as happy being a DSLR as it is a camcorder, this isn't quite there.

    The XC10 is more inclined towards its video capabilities than stills, as you’d expect from the camcorder brand. However, the digital photos are far superior to those of a run of the mill camcorder. You're more likely to be pulling your stills off of your 4K footage anyway.

    For a devotee who films more video than takes photos, this could be a brilliant camcorder for capturing what is almost cinema ready material. It could also be great for film students, or ENG. It's a little pricey when compared to the DSLR possibility, but the 4K video format used is leagues above any DSLR, and its video shooting capability is much easier to work with as you can imagine for a camcorder.

    The Canon XC10 is not quite the professional DSLR-camcorder cross it touts itself as being, but it captures great 4K footage.

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