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  • Canon Finance Offer - Until 30th November 2014

    Canon finance offer









    We are pleased to bring you news of a new Canon promotion that offers 2 years’ finance when you buy selected pro video products. This offer will be running from the 1st September 2014 to the 30th of November 2014. The products included in this fantastic promotion are listed below:

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  • Canon's new range of cameras: EOS C100, EOS C300 & EOS C500

    3D_C100_editAdvances in camera technology have come a long way with the advent of digital processing and the internet. Usability is no longer such an issue as it was, and professional cameras are easy to manipulate without detailed knowledge of shutter speeds and apertures. The photographer can concentrate on getting the right lighting level and how best to capture the subject. The speed of getting the photographs to the market place is also much faster given professional cameras and their ability to process information. Of course, you will still need a computer which is able to handle the output and a good quality screen to view the results in the comfort of your home or office.

    There are many reasons to purchase Canon products, not least their enviable reputation for producing versatile, robust, reliable products. Their range of professional cameras includes the new EOS C100, the EOS C300 and the EOS C500. The predecessor to the EOS C300, the EOS C100, is a leader in its field and the new model boasts new features which make it ideal for professional videographers and professionals who do not have the advantage of a back up crew. For cinematographers, the EOS C500 boasts even more features. The EOS C100 camera is compact and economical and is used as a professional camera by many users. The cost is comparable to other similar cameras manufactured by the competition. When selecting a product, it is always wise to make comparisons, and the selection of a professional camera is no different. You should always ensure you compare like for like. There are many features to consider, and much will depend on your level of existing expertise and knowledge.

    In addition to being compact and economical, the EOS C100 camera makes a great photographic partner and produces realistic images every time. The model incorporates a special sensor for capturing videos which was designed for Canon through the company’s ongoing research and development department. The professional camera also provides 3 channel red/green/blue (RGB) for full high digital recording. The hardware specifications offer a wide range of new automatic features. For videographers who are looking at the potential for entering the cinema EOS system for the first time, it is the perfect option.

    The versatility of the EOS C100 is another factor to consider when selecting a professional camera. The ability to interchange lenses at a moments’ notice is essential for videographers as they find themselves in different situations. Simultaneous and relay recording features are also very useful, enabling the videographer to view and review the output. This not only saves time but also provides the opportunity for the user to reshoot more footage is he / she is not satisfied with what he / she has filmed.

    For cinematographers, the EOS C300 was the first digital cinema camera in Canon’s impressive range of professional cameras. At the higher end of the market, the Canon EOS C500 and C500PL 4K and 2K digital cinema cameras offer different valuable features and have the same usability aspects of the EOS C100, as with all Canon products.

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