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  1. Canon Camcorder: choose the right camera for your needs

    Canon digital camcorders have the improvement you need and the dependability you love in bringing greater image class and performance. Featuring Genuine Canon Optics and Canon's innovative, proprietary video technologies, Canon's exciting line-up of camcorders continue to rate among the best in class. Whatever your application may be, there's a Canon camcorder intended to flawlessly match your needs. Most of...
  2. Canon Camcorder XA25 - A Comprehensive Review

    Undeniably, the Canon Camcorder XA25 is an excellent camera, with various high tech features that makes it an outstanding device on the market, but how does it compare to other Canon Camcorders on the market? A compact piece of equipment, the XA25 has a dual-simultaneous recording format, offering an outstanding high quality image, infrared night shooting and SD-SDI/HDI port for uncompressed output, dual XLR ports, as well as full manual control for use with microphones. Compact design does not necessarily mean compromised functionality –The XA25 and XA20 offers a unique combination of multiple recording formats, high precision optics, outstanding image processing, flexible connectivity and intuitive user features. Continue reading
  3. Canon XA10 HD Camcorder: The Compact, Professional Camcorder

    If you are looking for a compact, professional HD video camera, then look no further than the Canon XA10 HD Camcorder with 64GB built in flash memory. This innovative, professional camcorder encapsulates the latest in Canon technology with its ultra-compact body providing exceptional functionality and versatility resulting in outstanding video and audio performance. It features a fast wide-angle HD video lens (30.4mm, F1:8) which means that despite its compact size it can deliver image quality deemed worthy of a top professional. It also comes with a shock-less variable speed 10x optical zoom and 8-blade iris. This allows for a more attractive bokeh effect meaning that your images will be blurred in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Other types of lens on the market sometimes produce blurring that is both unpleasant and distracting. Continue reading

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