buy lens mount adapters

  1. Want To Buy Lens Mount Adapters? The Complete Guide

    What do I need to buy lens mount adapters? Buying lens mount adapter allows you use one type of brand or lens on a camera for which it was not intended for. For instance, Canon users can mount Nikon, Olympus, Contax/Zeiss, and others via the use of a lens mount adapter. Why use a lens adapter? No company has an...
  2. Chrosziel & Metabones lens mount adapters – A comparison

    The decision to buy lens mount adapters is usually motivated by the desire to use a lens on a camera for which it was not initially designed for. No particular brand can claim to have an exclusively “superlative” set of lenses. There exists a few standout or unique lenses in any line of lenses, and the ability to use such lenses on your specific camera brand allows you to attain the best possible result. Besides seeking exceptional images through a unique lens combination, lens adaptors can also be used to make good use of lenses that were acquired earlier; lenses that would otherwise remain unused. Continue reading

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