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  • The new broadcast camera and broadcast lenses at the Fujifilm 4K day event

    Broadcast CameraCamera lens manufacturer Fujifilm is hosting a 4K Day event partly in an attempt to platform their 4K IS Mini and newest Zoom lenses at the DMPC in California. The event will include guest speakers during the day and also offer opportunities for visitors and camera enthusiasts to try out Fujinon’s newest equipment up close.

    The lenses will be combined together with Sony 4K cameras such as the F55, F65, FS7 and Sony’s newest, the HDC-4300- one of the firm’s true 4K broadcast camera. Attendees to the occasion will also be able to watch live video material and images from the Fuji lenses paired to these Sony cameras, displayed onto the event’s 25 ft. projection screen through the use of Sony’s own modern 4k ultra HD projection equipment.

    Once more, Fujinon will be using their 4K event to showcase their variety of lenses and some of the models that will be on show consist of the Fujinon UA80x9BESM (9 – 720mm) 4K Transmission 80x zoom lens on a Sony HDC-4300 4K broadcast workhorse studio camera, the Fujinon UA22x8BERD (8 – 176mm) 4K ENG 22x zoom lens on the same Sony camera and the Fujinon ZK12x25 (25 – 300mm)  4K PL 12x zoom lens mounted onto a Sony F55 4K broadcast studio camera. In addition to these weighty shooters and lenses, there will also be 7 other 4K Fuji lenses revealed during the course of the day with Cine PL and Broadcast B4 mounts.

    Fujifilm will also be making use of the DMPC event to showcase its IS-mini HDMI 4K and IS-Mini RACK 4K goods. In this way, Fuji is increasing its product line further with accompaniments like a new version of the IS-mini Manager and the two pieces of hardware mentioned above.

    Finally, product experts from Fuji and Sony will also be around at the experience to deliberate the technologies and Fuji’s method of generating ACES colour management workflows from the initial level up to concluding delivery of finished video.

    Here at 3D Broadcast we sell and rent out a huge range of broadcast cameras, including those from Fujifilm, with lenses from Sony too, so you can get one of these perfect setups and kits straight from us.

    It is our aim to offer a complete service, at competitive prices and above all to offer you a pleasant and pleasurable experience when dealing with 3D Broadcast. 3D Broadcast striving for excellence.

  • Why a Broadcast Camera is now an Essential Piece of Business Kit

    We’ve all heard about award winning movies being shot with no budget in someone’s bedroom, or internet video sensations being filmed on just a smart phone, but the truth is, to make a video fit for broadcasting, whether for television or the internet, you simply can’t beat recording with a broadcast camera.

    These days, it seems that every business is trying to imbed corporate videos into their website, or producing their own TV channel on You Tube or Vimeo. But the results can be a mixed bag. Whilst there is no denying that a great quality video can do wonders to shift a product, raise brand awareness or create a loyal customer base, this really only works if you produce high quality, well shot videos.

    So how can you ensure your video beats the competition?

    Well the most important thing you need to film a high quality, professional video is high quality, professional recording equipment. And that means investing in a broadcast camera. But remember that the key word here is investment. A broadcast camera will pay dividends in the long run and provide you with the glossy film quality product that your business needs.  You can choose to buy or rent a broadcast camera, but if your long term plan is to film many business videos and set up your own TV channel, then it is worth buying the equipment and making sure someone is trained to use it.

    An entry level broadcast camera really isn’t as expensive as you might think. And the great news is that the technology is now available to everyone, so the opportunity to make high quality, innovative videos is there for businesses to utilise. So what are you waiting for?

    In a previous blog entry we looked at some simple advice to help you film your own video and ensure that it stands out from the crowd. And really the first thing you need to do is investigate which broadcast camera is right for your business, taking into account budget and functionality. There are many different types of broadcast camera on the market, so decide what features are important to your work, such as connectivity options, outputs, weight and whether you will predominantly use your broadcast camera in the studio or out in the field. You’ll also need to consider professional sound equipment and editing software in order to get the most from your camera and make the most professional video possible.

    But a broadcast camera isn’t just essential kit for making corporate videos and promoting your business online, schools, colleges and all kinds of educational establishments also need to use broadcast cameras for teaching and extracurricular activities every day. And of course, in the booming creative media industries, filming and editing is of paramount importance, so you really can’t afford to be without a broadcast camera.

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