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Advances in Live Broadcast Equipment: Announcing the New XT2000 Video Switcher

HVS XT2000 Video SwitcherWhen it comes to broadcast equipment, the XT2000 video switcher helps a studio engineer to select between a variety of video sources and mix them together, creating special effects. This is the simplistic explanation, but this video switcher has some ground breaking features using technology that has never been used in the past by operators. There are several features that are exclusive and can elevate a professional allowing them to do an incredible job on their production job. MELite is one such exclusive feature which enables the traditional AUX bus to transform, making it functional so it will mix, cut and wipe.

Running on a V6 XT2K engine, the XT2000 video switcher is ready for HD, SD and Full HD which equates to 4K production. Mixers generate a variety of transitions from dissolves to pattern wipes and perform key operations to generate colour signals. Vision mixers have video connections and use SDI. With live television and video tape recording, video servers help to enable linear video editing with the right broadcast equipment.

The XT2000 video switcher has been said to have production capabilities that make it comparable to a fully functional 6 M/E switcher that has a 3 M/E/ panel. An additional M/E panel can be added to include another operator, including the power of a second switcher in a separate location, all connected to a V6 XT2K engine. This switcher is cost effective, adding the necessary versatility to allow operators to have increased power and to display independently in on stage monitor display control.

This video switcher has ONStage which is a technology that has been recently developed and is designed for staging events where a variety of images are magnified and displayed (conference, church) each with their own transition. Operators are able to mix, DVE, key and wipe all changes with a complete preview control that is connected to the transition area within the lever area. Operators can take a lot more artistic control and have more power when they are working with video switching using the XT2000 video switcher.

Additional flexibility is provided through FLEXaKey which is another feature exclusive to the XT2000 video switcher. This allows an operator to personalise their production requirements by allowing them to add and move a key and DVE layers to their traditional M/E resources. It also allows operators to multiply layers, selecting them and graphics as they are needed.

This new switcher device has a four channel media player that can store clips and images and back them up in a memory. There is a panel snap shot recall and a sequence and macro memory recall. This is simply called “Midas Touch” and is a system that allows the operator to easily configure changes and have full control of the system. The switcher has synchronizers for frames on every input and includes a frame grab to capture images through any input. SD to HD migration can be re-sized with the included re-sizer. There are 12 keyers in the system and there are 12 floating 2.5 D and 3D DVE effects. Multi-viewers can be user configured with the XT2000 video switcher. The control panel is easy to operate and highly functional and features crystal clear OLED source name displays. The device has many colour LED buttons and features a touch screen menu with remote options.

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