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  • PAG to Support Broadcasters During Olympics

    3d Broadcast is delighted to announce that one of our illustrious suppliers, PAG, has been selected to provide support for broadcasters during the 2012 Olympic games. Continue reading

  • New Manfrotto Sympla Products at 3d Broadcast

    3d Broadcast are delighted to introduce the new Manfrotto Sympla product range that is now available for purchase online.

    Manfrotto Sympla rigs are renowned in the broadcasting industry for providing a simple solution to complex shoots with their outstanding range of shoulder and long lens support systems, as well as the flexible Matterbox system. Continue reading

  • How does the 2012 Digital Switchover affect Wireless Microphone & IEM Users?

    The analogue to digital switchover in the UK will complete in 2012, meaning that almost everybody will be able to receive digital TV using an aerial. But how does this affect Wireless Microphone and IEM users?

    For Wireless Microphone and IEM users, TV Channel 38 (606-614MHz) has been announced by Ofcom as the replacement for the old TV Channel 69 (854-862MHz) signal use. You will also require a licence to legally operate radio microphones and IEM’s on the new signal. Continue reading

  • Introducing the Canon XF300

    The Canon XF300 is the best traditional camera Canon have ever produced and is available from 3d Broadcast now available for a very reasonable £4,860 (including VAT).

    Generating wonderful, clean images, the Canon XF300 features integrated CompactFlash and has the highest bandwidth ever produced by a Canon camera with up to 50 Mbps.

    This BBC-approved camera produces HD-quality footage and is perfect for use with a green-screen. Other impressive features of this outstanding camera are relay recording and dual shots making recording the slickest process it’s ever been. This combined with a new 18x optical zoom series produces spectacular imagery. Continue reading

  • Blackmagic ATEM: Broadcast Production Switchers

    The Blackmagic ATEM is, simply put, the most-technically advanced broadcast grade production switcher around and is available from 3d Broadcast now.

    Powerful enough to deal with complex live broadcast events with ease, the Blackmagic ATEM provides all the features you need to control at your fingertips. This broadcast production switcher is the most creative solution for live switching there has ever been. Continue reading

  • BlackMagic Cinema Camera available to Pre-Order!

    The highly-anticipated release of the BlackMagic Cinema Camera is almost upon us, and you can pre-order it now from 3d Broadcast for just a £400 (refundable) deposit for July 2012 delivery.

    Capable of creating that timeless feature film look, the hand-held BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera is incomprehensibly compact and is a plethora of the latest digital technology; available for the extremely affordable price of just £2148 (including VAT).

    Continue reading

  • A Look at the Panasonic AG-AC160A Camcorder

    Panasonic are constantly releasing new cameras and camcorders to stay at the forefront of the broadcasting industry, and the latest updates to the acclaimed AG series of camcorders are nothing short of amazing; offering up massive specifications and features which set these tools apart from the competition. Continue reading

  • An Overview of the Panasonic AG-AC130AEJ Camcorder

    If you are clued in to the photography world then you will know that Panasonic create some serious kit when it comes to hardware, with the likes of professional grade camcorders and still image capturing camera’s being top of the shopping list for any experienced professional. Continue reading

  • Nikon D800 now available

    The Nikon D800 camera is now readily available for a very reasonable £2,520 (inc. VAT). Continue reading

  • NikonD800

    NikonD800 - key features. Full review coming soon
    Continue reading

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