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  • £300 Cashback offer on Canon Lenses

    Why not take advantage of our £300 Cashback on selected Canon lenses? All designed for an EF mount, these high quality Canon lenses are all lightweight and boast up to 4K image quality. The unified front lens diameter and gear positions throughout Canon's range of EF Cinema prime lenses enable film crews to quickly change lenses without adjusting rig setups, making the lenses versatile and increasing ease of use during filming. This style of lenses is ideal for wildlife or documentary filming where the lightweight nature of the range makes it easy to transport and to alternate between depths of field in order to capture the ideal shot.

    This autumn offer gives you the perfect chance to update or refresh your equipment for the new year.

    Canon CN E14mm T3.1 L F Cine Style Prime Lens

    Part of the EF Cinema prime lens series, the CN-E14mm T3.1 L F has great low light performance and a full frame image circle which gives you a fine creative control over focusing and depth of field. The T.31 offers the wildest angle of view available from an EF camera lens and the 11-blade aperture provides beautiful bokeh. The unique construction of this lens manages to counteract barrel expansion and contraction to allow your shots to avoid temperature induced marking discrepancies, giving you a clearer shot regardless of setting.

    The CN-E14mm T3.1 L F lens is designed for use with EF mount cameras with either full frame 35 mm or Super 35mm-type sensors – making it perfect for Cinema EOS cameras as well as Canon's range of EOS DSLRs. The contacts present on the EF mount facilitate communication between camera and lens for recording of metadata, and other functions that are unique to the range.

    Canon CN E24mm T1.5 L F Cine Style Prime Lens

    As with the rest of the Canon range, this lens is very easy to use and, as such, produces excellent frames without additional hassle. The f/1.5 aperture allows for hand-held shooting even in low light conditions as well as providing a broader perspective to capture both wide open spaces or small interiors.

    Canon CN E85mm T1.3 L F Cine Style Prime Lens

    The CN-E 85mm T1.3 L F is a short telephoto prime lens designed for EF mounts. This lens is robust, compact and weighs only 1.1kg. It offers spectacular 4k image quality giving you a natural angle of view and perspective that is ideal for low light shooting and shallow depth of field.

    Canon CN E50mm T1.3 L F Cine Style Prime Lens

    Boasts the same versatility of the rest of the range but with a compact fixed focal length, making it better suited for documentary or studio filming. The 11 bladed diaphragm means that you can recreate a blurred effect with ease, giving you further control over your focus strength.

    Canon CN E135mm T2.2 L F Compact fixed focal length lens

    This prime 135mm lens is ideal for a wide range of applications, making it ideal for a versatile shoot and its lightweight nature makes it perfect for a quick change over. The wide range of EF lens means that it is ideal for a wide range of applications and can be used with most standard accessories and matte boxes.

    The chance to get £300 Cashback on all of these lenses starts on Thursday 15th of August and ends on Thursday 31st of October, so make sure to snap up the chance to add these unique lenses to your collection.

  • Why your next Camcorder should be the Panasonic AJ-HPX3100GJ

    Panasonic AJ-HPX3100GJ Full HD Shoulder Mounted CamcorderSporting a slimmer and lighter body than the previous 3000 model, the Panasonic AJ-HPX3100GJ camcorder is perfect for Television recording, boasting the title of the most compact and lightweight 2/3” P” HD shoulder camcorder to come from Panasonic. With the low centre of gravity for increased stability, the body design enables an unobstructed view to the camera operator’s right. The camcorder contains many celebrated features such as the high res LCD screen of the 370 and puts in into a lighter frame. This makes the camcorder quite flexible when it comes to usage, making it ideal for live filming and independent film making. The light weight makes the camcorder easy to transport, giving it a benefit over other makes when it comes to location filming. On top of this the One-clip REC function records up to 99 consecutive cuts as a single clip, greatly facilitating NLE news or documentary editing.

    Function wise the Panasonic AJ-HPX3100GJ has many of the benefits of the 3000 such as matrix controls and the offered output options. The camcorder allows you to record in both F11 and F12 sensitivity via the different modes, making it possible to cater for both European TV standard and the TV standard for the rest of the world. This versatility is maximised by the camcorder’s ability to record in both 1080P and HD., making it one of the most versatile camcorders to be aimed at news, documentary and reality production.

    The master-quality HPX3100 offers new features including 24-bit audio which can be uploaded via the wireless metadata input capability using wireless LAN, as well as offering high-quality proxy recording. The Panasonic HPX3100GJ is also equipped with six advanced gamma settings, including Film-Rec 600% mode (made popular by the VariCam), film-like shutter controls, and intuitive film camera-like operation. It also features a built-in reverse scan that allows unique setups such as mounting the camera upside down or usage of an ultra prime lens or an anamorphic lens adapter to create a 2.35:1 aspect image.

    Panasonic has a remarkable reputation when it comes to high quality filming equipment with a particular emphasis on reliability. Panasonic also uniquely uses the world-renowned LEICA glass lens and opposed to plastic lens that is favoured by some manufacturer due to the difference in price and stays true to its original 1929 mission statement: ‘we will devote ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people through our business activities, thereby enhancing the quality of life throughout the world.’

    If you are looking to purchase the HPX3100GJ model you'll find it on our website, along with the additional software to make the most of this unique lightweight camcorder.

  • Top Ten Most Cliché Forced Perspective Photos

    Top 10 Most Cliché Forced Perspective Photos

    Many tourists across the globe like to play with forced perspective, you only have to stand near any major monument and observe hundreds of strange people pulling poses – poses that only make sense when you stand from the angle of the photographer! Forced perspective is an optical illusion that makes an object look smaller, larger, closer or further away than it actually is. It can produce some very funny keepsake photos, but in some places forced perspective photos are taken so often that it has become cliché. Some set ups are very popular too; amateur photographers often play with perspective to create the illusion of small and giant people! Here are a few good examples:

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  • Top 10 News Reporter Video Bombs

    The life of a news reporter is a tough one. You have to deal with being sent to dangerous locations, you have to report in snow, wind and rain, you face the risk of being kidnapped if you go to a dangerous country, and of course, you have to watch out for idiots trying to dance, sing, and shout in the background of your report. When reporting on the football, you of course risk having a few overly excited fans in the background of your report, screaming and singing, but you might not expect it anywhere else. There’s something about the site of a camera that makes people a little crazy; maybe it’s because they have a chance for a minute of fame? Who knows. Either way, it makes for some very entertaining viewing.


    It’s never a good idea to do a news report when surrounded by drunken sports fans. This reporter is harassed by a very strange man who pulls a rather creepy face in the background of her report. Although what seems to be his wife tries to pull him away to avoid him making a fool of himself, he’s very persistent.


    When you’re reporting on something very serious, such as a terrorist suspect, you might believe that no one would try to video bomb you, but that’s just not the case. This reporter expertly fends off two women who try to kiss his cheeks. He does it so quickly, you barely see the would be kiss-and-runners.


    This reporter should be given an award for her expert handling of this video bomber. A rather drunken lady tries to steal the limelight, but the reporter quickly makes a fool of her, by asking her for an interview about STDs. The video bomber awkwardly retreats.


    They say you should avoid working with children and animals, because they’re unpredictable little creatures. This reporter learns that lesson the hard way, as a cat steals the show. Well, they do have a lot more charisma than most reporters don’t they?


    Drunk people are the biggest fear of news reporters, because they’re unpredictable, and sometimes event just downright creepy. This reporter integrates a drunken video bomber into her report without missing a beat. I’m surprised she doesn’t scream when she sees the drunk lady creeping about!


    Surely there’s no better moment to practice your dance moves than when a news reporter and camera crew are around? This guy is barely noticeable, but he’s getting down and really enjoying his day. The news reporter is clueless.


    Of course, not everyone is desperate to be in the background of a news report, in fact, some of us dread the very idea of it. When this girl realises she is in the background of a live news report, she awkwardly tries to disappear.


    Some people will take any opportunity to be obscene, and this guy relishes his chance. After a few rude gestures he simply walks away like nothing happened, leaving the news channel to deal with the consequences of his actions.


    You would think this guy in the background of a BBC report had never seen a camera before. Perhaps he wasn’t a video bomber, but actually someone who was really intrigued as to how the whole process worked.


    Maybe a simple wave wasn’t good enough for this guy, or maybe the person he’s on the phone to dared him to make a fool of himself. Either way, the dance at the end of this video is worth watching the news for.

  • Sean Bean Dies Matrix - TV/Movie Feature

    After we saw this brilliant Nicholas Cage Matrix from The Shiznit, we knew we had to make something similar for the accomplished actor Sean Bean. The Nic Cage matrix shows all of his films plotted on a graph according to how brilliant (questionable) they were, and how serious or mental they were. That concept works for Nic, but we’re pretty sure Sean Bean hasn’t been in many bad films or T.V series, so instead we chose to measure the other thing he’s famous for; dying.

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  • Moments of Movie Magic - Broadcasting Tricks

    Ever wondered how some of the most iconic scenes in film were really filmed? We have, and when we came across this collection of photos it was only too good to share. Some of the most memorable moments in film are depicted here, some with visual effects that still are not even managed as effectively to this day. Take a look at these shots to see how camera trickery was used to deceive you!

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  • Sony PMW 150 vs Sony PMW 200 vs Canon XF305

    Capturing high quality video is now easier than ever with new technologies surfacing which aid the users of a camcorder in taking footage which is film worthy. The rise of low cost camcorder equipment has created a new wave of at home amateurs looking to create the next big viral video, which has helped the camcorder industry strive and ship more equipment which is priced out of the reach of mere consumers.

    Three of the very best camcorders money can buy for under £5500 currently are the Sony PMW 150, Sony PMW 200 and Canon XF305. All three of these camcorders are excellent for capturing high quality video, but which one is better for you? Let's take a look.

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  • 3D Broadcast Supply Broadcast Equipment for up and coming Channel 4 Cooking Show

    3D Broadcast are proud to supply broadcast equipment to for their up and coming TV show on Channel 4. Starting on Monday the 25th February Channel 4 will be airing a new celebrity chat show featuring 2 guests each day along with popular TV chefs. Below is the series summary supplied on the Channel 4 website;

    This brand new celebrity chat show features two guests each day and two TV chefs, who prepare three dishes - something quick, something new and something for tonight.

    With the third recipe, the chef has to tackle a viewer's dinner dilemma and cook something from scratch in real time before the end of the show.

    The celebrity guests join Ben and Lisa to taste the dishes.

    There are also games, making this an entertainment show as well as a food show.

  • Special Offer: Order an Atomos Samurai and get a Atomos S2H Dual Battery Converter 100% Free!

    At 3D Broadcast we simply love what we do and have a real passion for all of the products that we have in stock. From audio equipment to industry respecting media VTRs, discs and drivers we are at the forefront of video recording equipment bringing to you dear consumers and production studios a wealth of amazing offers on all of the very latest professional tech.

    Atomos Samurai HD SDI Hard Drive Recorder

    Throughout March we have an incredible special offer on our Atomos Samurai, where if you order an Atomos AO-ATOMSAM001 (AOATOMSAM001) Samurai HDSDI ProRes Recorder you will get a Connect S2H Converts HD-SDI to HDMI Module 100% free, which is a massive saving of £234. You will need to hurry though, because this offer ends on March 31st 2013!

    To view our latest limited time only special offer, all you have to do is simply go to this product page.

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  • The Power of Cinemagraphs

    Recently you may have heard about Twitter releasing a brand new service called Vine. This service allows you to create 6 second videos which can act as gifs (Animated images) to display in their twitter feeds. This service could be something that is great for people with their mobile phones, but what about those that like to live in the higher resolution side of things? Don't worry, we've got that covered too.

    Cinemegraphs, The High Resolution Version of Vine

    Cinemagraphs are still photos which have been transformed into animated pictures, usually in .gif format. The term was coined by two photographers from the US called Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck. They used the technique to bring fashion and news photographs to life in 2011. Cinemagraphs give the illusion of video but are in fact just a sequence of subtly different photographs strung together to depict movement. Typically the cinemagraphs show slight movements, in hair and clothing as if in the breeze, liquids being poured or vehicles moving.


    See some more examples of Cinemegraphs

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