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  • Latest Teradek Firmware News

    Latest Product News
    Cube/Brik Firmware Version 6.1.6 is now available
    Brik and Cube Firmware Updates
    6.2.0 Firmware changes include:
    Added native support for Ustream
    Added native support for the New Livestream
    Added additional encoder resolutions (480x270, 640x360, 854x480, 1024x576)
    Expanded front panel menus to include Stream Settings, Device Settings, Bonding, and additional Network Configuration options
    Added support for Link
    Added Bonding page for Link/Bond configuration
    Port-Based bitrate limits added for Link/Bond (requires Bond 6.2 firmware)
    Port-Based primary/backup settings added for Link/Bond (requires Bond 6.2 firmware)
    Firmware 6.1.6 adds the ability to disable some features while ZiXi streaming to improve stream performance. 6.1.6 is also a minor bug fix release with a fix for RTMP auto-start.
    New Features
    Added options to disable front panel and USB support to improve performance with ZiXi streaming
    ZiXi configuration page updates -- added instructions to pages
    Removed ZiXi cloud server option (no longer valid)
    Bug Fixes
    RTMP ato-start sometimes failed on device boot up
    Blank fields in Bond custom modem configuration did not apply correctly
    Go to Teradek to download the file


  • The Greatest Christmas Movies [INFOGRAPHIC]

    We take a look at some of our favourite Christmas Movies and scenes of all time!

    Christmas Films

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  • The cat is out of the bag as Sony reveal their New PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 CineAlta 4K Super 35mm Sensor Camcorders.

    Sony has now launched a pair of PL-Mounted CineAlta Cameras with a New Super 35mm Sensor which will be known as the PMW-F5 and the PMW-F55.

    The PMW-F5 even though equipped with a 4K CMOS sensor will only provide you with 2K and HD resolution with a rolling shutter, whilst the up market PMW-F55 will provide 4K pictures as well as 2K and HD Video.  The PMW-F55 also has a global shutter, wider colour gamut.

    Depending on your workflow these cameras offer a variety of ways to capture video to each camera. You are able to record MPEG-4 H.264 video or Sony’s SR MPEG-4 SSTP which can be recorded onto Sony’s new SxS PRO+ media. If however RAW footage is more to your liking then there is the new AXS-R5 Access Memory System for 2K & 4K RAW capturing. Using the latter system then the PMW-F5 is more than capable of grabbing up to 120fps slow motion in RAW HD, whilst the PMW-F55 can capture 240fps of video at 2k, putting bang in RED Epic-X territory.

    These cameras are expected to ship around February 2013 and as of yet there is no idea on price.

    For more info from Sony UK

  • Video Recording Equipment and Format: Two technological reasons for the Blair Witch Project’s Success

    If you are a horror movie fan then you will have undoubtedly heard of the Blair Witch Project. Released in 1999, the Blair Witch Project is an American-made psychological horror film which was written by, directed by and edited by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez. Upon release the film received mixed reviews from film critics around the globe however overall it has staked its claim as one of the masterpieces in modern horror film making.

    Given the super-low budget that the makers of the film had, it is amazing to think that the Blair Witch Project made it on to the big screen at all. Today it is not uncommon to see movies created for tens of millions of pounds, yet the Blair Witch Project made do with just $500,000 - $750,000. As you can imagine, everybody involved in the making of the film received quite the healthy return on investment, however not even the makers thought it would be as successful as it really was.

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  • Three Spine-chilling Films to check out this Halloween

    With children planning what costumes to buy for trick-or-treating and parents stocking up on sweets for ‘little monsters’ to come knocking on their door, we take a look at 3 amazing films you should check out this Halloween.

    Halloween is a holiday period commonly celebrated across the world on October 31st. Originally part of pagan harvest festivals, in modern times it has become a much celebrated holiday within the UK and includes activities such as trick-or-treating, costume parties and bonfires. Of course, the film industry has also inspired a whole range of new Halloween attractions around the world fuelling anticipation for the date, and today we will be taking a look at three of the very best chilling horror scenes from some of the greatest ever horror movies.

    If you are counting down the days to Halloween and are planning a night in, then, be sure to hit up the following Halloween movies of which are sure to send a chill down your spine:

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  • 3D Broadcast Supply University of Portsmouth

    University of Portsmouth students have begun producing and airing live television coverage, making them the first undergraduates in the UK to do this, with much of the broadcasting equipment having been provided by 3D Broadcast.

    Requiring a combination of professional, technical skills and also a great deal of endurance to create the consecutive 4-hour magazine style show, the 46 students and 4 faculty members on the Television and Broadcasting course from the School of Creative Technologies had their production aired on the Guildhall Square BBC Big Screen, as well as across the University of Portsmouth campus and the internet.

    uni of portsmouth

    The live productions were made to celebrate and promote the work of students in the University’s Creative and Cultural Industries department, particularly the end of year art and fashion shows. Included in the productions were various formats, including art, film and music, along with a magic show and a game show.

    The Television and Broadcasting course tutor, Charlie Watts, said about the productions, “This live show will be hard to top for a while. The BBC trusted us implicitly to broadcast acceptable and professional content."

    Productions were aided by using a variety of professional broadcasting equipment from 3D Broadcast, ensuring that the shows had the professional production values and quality features as required by the BBC.

    To view the students work you can visit their CCi Channel at

  • A Closer Look at the Sony PMW500

    The Sony PMW 500 is a broadcast-quality full-HD camcorder which offers a range of impressive features to professional users.

    The camcorder allows you to record at a rate of 50Mbps directly to a solid-state storage device, taking advantage of efficient and detailed MPEG-2 Long GOP compression in order to deliver the best quality for this format.

    One of its more unusual features is the ability to switch between this codec and high-definition MP4 recording at 35Mbps, which may be a convenient function for certain set-ups.

    Low-light performance is excellent thanks to the trio of Power HAD FX CCD sensors and the PMW 500 can also boast impressive energy efficiency, which will help to improve its portability and longevity when in use.

    Sony has made sure that its ergonomic design renders the device practical to use on an extended basis. Essentially, this is an impressive development of the critically lauded PDW-700/F800.

    When it comes to audio recording, the PMW 500 captures sounds across four channels in a 24-bit uncompressed form. There is a quartet of level controllers assigned to each channel so you can manipulate them individually, if required.

    The 3.5-inch LCD monitor benefits from high native resolution and the ability to showcase full-colour imagery, allowing you to frame shots effectively and view footage after it has been captured.

    Sony offers buyers of this camcorder access to its PrimeSupport service, which means that you can get the technical help you need and also assures users of quick repairs in the event of any problems.

  • Hot News From Blackmagic at IBC

    I wanted to share with you information on some new products that Blackmagic are announcing at IBC 2012 in Amsterdam today.


    New products include:


    Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT

    • UltraStudio 4K

    • UltraStudio Mini Capture

    • UltraStudio Mini Monitor

    • DeckLink 4K Extreme

    • Videohub Master Control

    • Mini Converter SDI to HDMI 4K

    • Mini Converter SDI Multiplex

    • ExFAT HyperDeck Update

    • Thunderbolt™ for Windows

    • ATEM Audio Panel Support


    Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT


    Since the Blackmagic Cinema Camera was announced we have been overwhelmed by the fantastic response. We have also been extremely happy with the response to the first shipments and have already seen some wonderful work done on them.


    We started shipping a few weeks ago, however the Cinema Camera is a highly advanced piece of equipment and it uses a large amount of high quality precision parts to build it. Some components are coming into our factory slower than we expected and this has caused the manufacturing of the cameras to slow.


    We expect to have this sorted out over the next few weeks and then can speed up and get more cameras delivered. In the mean time, our engineering has not been slowed down at all and we are continuing to develop the next software update with new features for release very soon.


    We have also been working on a Passive Micro Four Thirds model of the camera. People have been asking for this as there are a lot of nice high end manually operated MFT lenses on the market, and the MFT mount can also be easily adapted to PL and other lens mounts using third party adapters.


    The new Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT is expected to ship in December, and will be the same price as the original model. It’s identical in features as they are both the same camera, just with different lens mounts. The price will also be the same at $2,995. We will be working with our dealers to help people change their orders if they want.



    UltraStudio 4K


    Ever since the introduction of Thunderbolt technology, we have been excited by its speed and the types of products we could create for it. We have been working hard on creating some unique Thunderbolt based solutions that would let us be more creative in new features we could include.


    We have also been asked by DaVinci Resolve customers to add 4K options for monitoring when color grading and so we have included 4K in some of our new products too!


    The new UltraStudio 4K is a compact single rack unit "breakout box" capture and playback solution for Mac and Windows that includes a massive range of rear video and audio connectors. The front panel is a really elegant machined aluminum design that features an integrated color LCD as well as video and audio input buttons. The power supply is built in and the rear panel includes virtually every type of video and audio connection that exists, all using standard connectors!


    UltraStudio 4K can take advantage of long Thunderbolt cables that can be up to 30 meters away from the host computer. It supports all video formats including SD, HD, 2K and 4K playback. It includes a lot more power in its hardware and we will unlock that over the next months as we release software updates.


    UltraStudio 4K supports the new Dual Link 3 Gb/s SDI connection for handing 4:2:2 based 4K and we have converters for adapting to other formats. It’s a very attractive capture and playback solution and it also has every video standard and connection you can imagine!


    UltraStudio 4K will ship Q4 for $1,295.



    UltraStudio Mini Recorder

    UltraStudio Mini Monitor


    At NAB we introduced the UltraStudio Express that has SDI, HDMI and analog connections with dual break out cables for both professional and consumer analog. It’s exciting, small in size and Thunderbolt powered so it’s a really nice portable solution.


    However we wanted to take that further and see if we could design a capture and playback solution that was even smaller. We realized that the way to do that was to design two separate models, one for recording and one for playback. We also removed the analog, as we felt these models only needed SDI and HDMI. With less video and audio connections, they can be much smaller, and lower cost too.


    The two new UltraStudio Mini Recorder and UltraStudio Mini Monitor models let you capture or playback respectively and include 3 Gb/s SDI and HDMI connections plus high speed Thunderbolt technology. Because they both power from Thunderbolt, you can simply plug them in and go!


    UltraStudio Mini Monitor and UltraStudio Mini Recorder are extremely portable, and they are so small you can hide one in your hand. They really are very tiny but are still a full broadcast quality spec. solution! Both models work in SD and HD, plus support all Mac and Windows software that our other UltraStudio and DeckLink models do.


    UltraStudio Mini Recorder is a perfect solution when you need small, portable, low cost capture. UltraStudio Mini Monitor is great for monitoring with editing software such as Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro 7 and X, and Adobe Premiere Pro.


    Both models will be available in Q4 for US$145 each.



    DeckLink 4K Extreme


    As we have added 4K to the new UltraStudio 4K, we also have a new model of DeckLink card that includes all the features of the DeckLink HD Extreme 3D model, but adds 4K and we are calling this new model DeckLink 4K Extreme.


    Capture cards are great solutions when you want to hide the capture and playback hardware inside the computer itself, so we will keep developing new models of PCI Express capture cards as we move video technology forwards.


    This is an extremely powerful card with Dual Link 3 Gb/s SDI, HDMI 3D, analog video and audio, reference input, deck control and more. Its PCI Express 2.0 interface is twice as fast so it can handle more and higher resolution video and film formats. It’s also been designed with features needed by DaVinci Resolve such as synchronous deck control for frame accurate jam syncing, and additional new advanced color spaces used in the film industry.


    DeckLink 4K Extreme will ship in early Q4 for $1,295.



    Videohub Master Control


    Videohub Master Control is a router control panel that allows spin knob scrolling of all router sources and destinations as well as direct button entry of any router crosspoint. It includes a built in LCD with really nice looking anti aliased graphics so you can access and see the status of all cross points on a router, including really large 288 x 288 sized routers like our Universal Videohub 288.


    The simplest way to use Videohub Master Control is to simply scroll though all the cross points in the router using the large knob on the panel. The built in LCD shows cross points as you scroll using large, easy to read labels. The scroll order is  alphabetical so it’s easy to scroll to the crosspoint you want.


    Videohub Master Control also includes direct entry of cross point labels via built in buttons. These buttons are a combination of customizable buttons as well as numeric buttons. You can easily set the customizable buttons to labels such as “Monitor”, “Deck” or “Edit” etc, and then router cross points can be entered in by simply pressing the custom button followed by the number.


    We think this is a really nice solution for controlling the router from a small one rack unit sized control panel, where you get access to the whole router. It’s very easy to use, and priced affordably.


    Videohub Master Control will ship in September for $695



    Mini Converter SDI to HDMI 4K


    With new 4K products being released, we needed some converters to help convert and monitor 4K SDI. The new Mini Converter SDI to HDMI 4K features a new HDMI 4K connection that supports four times the resolution of HD video via a single HDMI link.


    Video projectors and televisions are beginning to be released with this new video standard and it allows full resolution 4K monitoring using a single convenient HDMI connection. Until now, the television industry has been using 4 x HD-SDI connections for connecting 4K signals so this converter has 4 x SDI inputs for allowing Quad Link HD-SDI based 4K inputs or Dual Link 3 Gb/s SDI 4K connections. It will when convert that to a single HDMI 4K connection to the TV or projector.


    This converter also switches between SD and HD video formats automatically so can be used for any task required, in SD, HD and 4K!


    Mini Converter SDI to HDMI 4K will ship in Q4 for $495.



    Mini Converter SDI Multiplex


    With UltraStudio 4K and DeckLink 4K Extreme both using Dual Link 3 Gb/s SDI 4K, you will need to convert to the Quad Link HD-SDI 4K way of connecting to older 4K displays and projectors.


    The new Mini Converter SDI Multiplex is designed for converting between equipment using Quad Link HD-SDI and equipment using Dual Link 3 Gb/s SDI. Mini Converter SDI Multiplex features four SDI inputs and four SDI outputs, so can convert to and from both these formats. Mini Converter SDI Multiplex also handles conversion between 4:4:4 video via Single Link 3 Gb/s and Dual Link HD-SDI. It’s really a general SDI multiplexer between different formats that use multiple SDI links for higher quality and resolution video.


    Mini Converter SDI Multiplex will ship in Q4 for $495.



    HyperDeck ExFAT Update


    We have a new software update that should ship in the next week or so that includes ExFAT support for all HyperDeck disk recorders. It’s exciting as ExFAT is the disk format used on Windows, but Mac OS X also supports and formats ExFAT disks as well. So this means HyperDeck recorders are better able to handle disks from both computer platforms.


    Using ExFAT is easy as HyperDeck will recognize both formants and just record and play from them. There are no settings to adjust and nothing to do but upgrade the software and get ExFAT compatibility.


    This update will be free of charge to all HyperDeck customers.


    Thunderbolt for Windows


    We have now received certification from Intel for Intensity Shuttle and Intensity Extreme Thunderbolt capture and playback solutions so you can download the software and use these products on Windows. You get compatibility with the same software our DeckLink cards use, and so you get a massive range of software support.


    This update will be available in the next few days for download free of charge from the support sections of the Blackmagic Design web site.


    DaVinci Resolve 9 Released


    The new DaVinci Resolve 9 has been very exciting to work on and colorists have been giving us great compliments on the public beta that’s been running for the last month. The good news is the final release of DaVinci Resolve 9 has been posted to our web site and is now available to download.


    Of course if you’re not a DaVinci Resolve user, please check out DaVinci Resolve 9 Lite as it’s free of charge for both Mac OS X and Windows. It has no limitations on quality, no limitations on file types, no limitations on file resolutions, no limitations on timeline layers and it has unlimited correction nodes. So it’s one very powerful software tool, even if you just use it as a file converter or on set camera file manager!


    Of course we hope people upgrade to the full version to get more than 1 GPU, 3D tools, noise reduction, and higher than HD resolution timelines!


    ATEM Audio Panel Support


    Recently we released some new software for the ATEM production switchers that added full audio mixing for all inputs to every model of ATEM. This has been great as now you don't need a separate audio mixer when doing live production.


    However using a software interface to an audio mixer can be a bit limited. We have been working on some new software that supports plugging in a USB based audio panel for controlling the audio mixer in the ATEM switcher. It supports the the MACKIE control protocol and many other audio panels support this standard too so will be compatible.


    We are still working on this and it’s close to shipping, however if you’re traveling to IBC this year, please check the demo of this working, and give us some feedback on where you think the buttons should be mapped for various panels. Please let us know what panels you would like to see us support. It’s a really nice feature and we will release it soon.


    Thats all for this update and I hope this update was useful!

  • Canon EOS C500, Canon confirms European Launch

    EOS C500

    Following a development announcement in April 2012, Canon today confirms the European launch of the EOS C500, a new digital cinema camera capable of 4K-resolution (4,096 x 2,160 pixels) video output. Designed for motion picture and high resolution digital production industries, the EOS C500 offers the ability to output 4K-resolution images as RAW data for recording using an external device.


    The EOS C500 and C500 PL is scheduled for late October 2012 delivery, pre order now to beat the que!

    This camera is now available to pre order from for only £400 fully refundable deposit


    Key Headlines:

    •           4K RAW, 2K video capture to external recording device with simultaneous HD recording to CF cards

    •           8.85MP Super 35mm Canon CMOS sensor with Bayer Array Filter

    •           PAL, NTSC and 24.00p modes as standard. Slow/fast motion, adjustable frame rates up to 120p

    •           Extensive image customization includes built-in Canon Log Gamma

    •           Broadcast-ready 50Mbps MPEG-2 MXF recording (4:2:2) to 2 CF cards

  • Canon EOS C100 Cinema Camera added to the EOS Family

    Canon has today (29/08/2012) announced the NEW EOS C100 Camera aimed at the "budget conscious" as an addition to its Cinema EOS range of cameras that include the C300 and C500.

    Designed with independent videographers in mind the Canon EOS C100 offers the same core technology of its big brother the C300, including its 8.3MP Super 35mm CMOS Sensor, in a smaller package.

    The C100 still comes with the EF lens mount which means it is compatible with all of Canon's fantastic EF SLR lenses. The C100 records 1920 x 1080 Full HD to SDHC or SDXC memory cards at a bitrate of 24Mbps, (AVCHD) and offers an ISO range of 320-20000, and can output uncompressed video directly to and external recorder.

    This camera will be available from November 2012 and can be pre ordered from 3D Broadcast now for only £400 with a fully refundable deposit!!

    EOS C100 Cinema Camera


    The new EOS C100 – a compact, versatile interchangeable-lens professional video camera designed for independent videographers. Based on the core performance of the acclaimed EOS C300, the new model combines impressive hardware specifications with a range of new automatic features – making it ideal for professionals who shoot without a crew, or EOS videographers entering the Cinema EOS System for the first time.


    Key Headlines:

    •           8.3MP Super 35mm CMOS sensor; Full HD

    •           High sensitivity, low noise

    •           24Mbps AVCHD to SD cards

    •           Automatic shooting functions

    •           Canon Log Gamma

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