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The Best Features On Sony Latest Generation Of Camcorders

Sony’s new 4k camcorders really do show off the latest and greatest features any discerning videographer could want from a workhorse camera they need and rely on to capture those moments in glorious 4k and without much notice needed either.

Go beyond Full HD with 4K

Meet the camcorders that offers some the best 4K recording. Shoot video that shows over 8 million pixels (3840 x 2160), which is four times the resolution of Full HD—and capture moments in unrivalled, accurate detail that erupts with vivid colour.

Sony Camcorder

XAVC S recording format

Derived from a professional-quality recording format, XAVC S compresses the video (via MPEG-4 AVC/H.264) and the audio (via PCM) of your footage before saving them as an .MP4 file. XAVC S also lets you capture footage at the high bitrate of 50 Mbps, when truly enhances the level of detail normally associated with Full HD footage while still dropping the properties of compression noise.

Effortless playback over HDMI

Connect the Camcorders to a 4K monitor or TV using the 4K-ready HDMI cable, and start viewing your movies in breath-taking detail. You can still easily view the footage on a standard Full HD 1080p TV as well by simply changing the output settings to 1920 x 1080, and carrying on.

XQD media cards

The two XQD card slots, which are compatible with S- and N-Series XQD cards, give users smooth, high read and write speeds for 4K video. Users also have the option to switch to relay recording, so you can shoot for much longer without having to worry about one of your cards filing up. Video and sound may be cut briefly in the relay recording process, so do bare this in mind when you resume shooting.

Creative control with ASSIGN buttons

As an example, the seven on-camera ASSIGN buttons on-board the Sony FDR-AX1are intended for quick, easy navigation between camera setting profiles. Assign specific functions such as Markers, Zebra, Focus Peaking, Focus Magnifier, Auto Exposure Level, SteadyShot, Colour Bars, Rec Lamp [F], Rec Lamp [R], and Thumbnail to an ASSIGN button to find a sleek profile that works best for you when you need a quick shortcut to something specific.

XLR sound terminals

Unrivalled video from a 4k camcorder deserves the same results from the sound department too. So in addition to the premium-quality internal microphone, two external XLR terminals are also included to allow connection to exterior high-performance professional microphones if needed.

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