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How Buy The Best Used Broadcast Equipment

It goes without saying that broadcasting equipment plays an important role in broadcasting industry, and can have an impact on television as a whole too. Good quality broadcast equipment ensures the easy running of procedures such as capturing and editing raw information as well transmitting the final product into the home. Nevertheless, the price of acquiring broadcast equipment does not come cheap, thereby leading to individuals purchasing used broadcast equipment.

Used Broadcast Equipment

The market for used broadcast equipment is currently undergoing an expansion as more and more folks opt for used broadcasting gear such as camcorders, cameras, all types of lenses, and also used sound apparatus which embraces things from microphones, speakers, switchers to audio mixers to name a few. The purchasing of second hand broadcast equipment allows a user to continue with any vital production and broadcasting in times of financial hardship as well in order to keep operations running buttery smooth.

There are many ways in which a prospective buyer can purchase second hand broadcast equipment, so you don’t just have to purchase your equipment from us (although we do price match). The opportunity or method used in the procurement of your broadcast gear will be swayed by financial capability as well as obtainability of the equipment obviously.

Even though purchasing second-hand broadcast equipment delivers a chance for a person to own decent equipment at a reduced price, it also poses a challenge to the buyer in respect to the genuineness, validity and also superiority of the equipment itself. Here is where we try to alleviate any of your anxieties and woes regarding this issue as it can be intimidating for many people.

So no matter where you your used broadcast equipment from, always keep the following in mind:

  • Certified and approved suppliers: Acquisition of used lenses, switchers, used sound gear, and mixers amongst other equipment should be completed through registered dealers. Buying equipment from a back alley in London is obviously very risky and the buyer risks losing money or purchasing defective equipment from dishonest resellers.
  • Genuine Equipment: All equipment should come with an ownership or purchase receipt, this guarantees that the equipment is genuine. The buyer also needs to be able to classify an honest receipt from a fake one, as well as tell the difference between original equipment and discounted copies.
  • Warranty: Purchasing equipment from a merchant who will give you warranties, and also following up on recommendations from reliable sources such as industry colleagues or any friends with experience will more often than not give confidence to the buyer as well.

Here at 3D Broadcast we offer much more than just great prices though, but we don't want price to be a reason you shop elsewhere.

That’s why if you find that one of our competitors has the same product at a cheaper price, we'll match it.

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