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Sean Bean Dies Matrix - TV/Movie Feature

After we saw this brilliant Nicholas Cage Matrix from The Shiznit, we knew we had to make something similar for the accomplished actor Sean Bean. The Nic Cage matrix shows all of his films plotted on a graph according to how brilliant (questionable) they were, and how serious or mental they were. That concept works for Nic, but we’re pretty sure Sean Bean hasn’t been in many bad films or T.V series, so instead we chose to measure the other thing he’s famous for; dying.

That’s right, whenever Sean Bean is in a film he’s known as the “Two-legged spoiler” because you can say with relative confidence that whatever character he plays is inevitably doomed. In fact Bean has died no less than 25 times over his film career, and 5 times in just the past 5 years. This matrix doesn’t even plot all of the films he has died in, because we simply just couldn’t fit them on.

Sean Bean Deaths Movie Matrix

Usually Sean Bean dies on camera because he’s the evil character, and it’s only fair that he meets his doom; but none of us wanted him as Ned Stark to die. Between 2010 and now, he died in Ca$h (shot), Death Race 2 (shot), Black Death (gets plague then gets quartered), Age of Heroes (dies in a firefight), and Game of Thrones (beheaded).

We’ve plotted his deaths from the most pathetic; where he stabs himself in the TV series Tell Me That You Love Me because he is an obsessed lover who doesn’t get his attentions returned, to the most gruesome in Patriot Games where he is impaled on an anchor then blown up.

At least all this experience has made him able to put on a great performance when he does die. We wonder what will happen in his upcoming films Legends, and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters….

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