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Fujinon CabrioYou only have to look to the humble origins of the ‘Paranormal Activity’ series to see how with a small budget, a unique concept and the right technology; a director or producer can create something unforgettable, which captures the mind of its audience. The original film which was the brainchild of director/producer Oren Peli was shot using nothing more than home video production equipment and a professional camera lens, over a compact 7 day schedule, with much of the cinematography completed by Peli himself and actor Micha Sloat.

Paramount Pictures was so impressed with this low budget independent film, that it re-released it under their label in 2009 and it became an overnight international sensation, cashing in a cool $193 million at the box office. This demonstrates the sheer power which the right camera equipment and high spec professional camera lens can propel a creative idea into something phenomenal.

The Broadcast video world is exploding with Pro Camera products, with a range of Cinematic depth of field lenses. Mere high definition is already becoming a thing of the past and is fast being superseded by the awesome Cinematic tool that is 4K image capture. The Fujinon Cabrio Compact ZK4 PL 19-90 Mount Cinema Zoom Lens is the must buy camera lens on the market.

This is a product designed with ease of use and familiar features for the experienced videographer, as well as featuring the latest cutting edge technology for the professional cinematographer. It boasts benefits for the videographer and the cinematographer alike with a unique and advanced detached drive unit and the flexibility of a light weight zoom. Practical, versatile with stunning capture capabilities. For the hardened videographer, this lens features the versatility to switch between the ENG style of lens or if so desired the basic PL lens feature. For the next Peli – the lens boasts an impressive 85-300mm focal range, with all the lens data input of a Cine style shooter lens and with the detachable drive removed the budding Cinematographer can set the lens to accept industry standard cine motors and matte boxes. The servo on this lens is impressive with 16 bit encoding and focal range PL 85-300mm ensures that what you capture in terms of lens data is entirely accurate, meaning it’s a dream to use for animation capture or real time capture. With its unlimited flexibility, you can see already why in the industry this is the must buy camera lens!

However, it’s all those well-thought our little touches from Fujinon that really makes this camera true treasure. The overall weight of the device is a mere 3kg despite all the kit aboard this professional camera lens. Moreover the designers have enabled it to be able to controlled by any of the cinema industry standard wireless controllers on the market and have even considered where the lens might be used in darker environments, by marking its barrel with luminous markings for visibility.

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