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Chrosziel & Metabones lens mount adapters – A comparison

The decision to buy lens mount adapters is usually motivated by the desire to use a lens on a camera for which it was not initially designed for. No particular brand can claim to have an exclusively “superlative” set of lenses. There exists a few standout or unique lenses in any line of lenses, and the ability to use such lenses on your specific camera brand allows you to attain the best possible result. Besides seeking exceptional images through a unique lens combination, lens adaptors can also be used to make good use of lenses that were acquired earlier; lenses that would otherwise remain unused.

Chrosziel PL NEX 34 Lens Mount Adaptor for PL lenses on NEX CamerasThe Chrosziel lens adapter allows one to use PL lenses on NEX mount cameras. So, professional PL mounted cinema lenses like Leica, Angenieux, and Zeiss can be used on Sony E-mount cameras, like the Sony NEX-FS100 using Chrosziel lens adapters. However, this adapter is only a physical mount, which implies that any electronic communication with the lens to the camera will not be available.

This adapter has a built-in adjustment to control the back focus distance. By rotating the locking outer ring on the adapter, the user can adjust the physical distance between the E-mount bayonet and the PL receptor. This enables the user to calibrate the flange back or back focus distance, to ensure that the focus witness marks on any PL lens used will be 100 percent accurate, and that PL zooms will track focus properly through the whole zoom range. This is a particularly vital feature for the FS700 and FS100 since they do not have in-built back focus adjustments.

Basically, the Sony E-mount was designed to only support the weight of light-weight DSLR type lenses, so the adapter offers a support post that can be attached to 15/19mm rails through a bracket to help them carry the weight of heavy PL lenses without exerting too much stress on the camera’s E-mount.

Metabones Speed Booster Canon EF to Sony E Mount AdapterMetabones lens mount adapters, on the other hand, are designed to allow the use of Canon EF lenses on Sony NEX E-mount Cameras. Metabone’s “Smart electronic adapter” is a manual focus-only adapter, though it provides control for the aperture using the image stabilizer found in Canon IS lenses.

Compared to Metabones, Chrosziel adapters are purely mechanical, which means that focusing and aperture control can only be done manually. So, whenever the lens is set at f/8, it is also stopped down to f/8. The user can focus with the lens wide open, like f/2, then stop the lens down manually using its aperture ring, like f/8, then open it up to f/2 for the next shot. It seems cumbersome, but it is also very practical and useful, particularly for tripod-based shooting, or for countering focus shift. The electronic aspect of Metabones allows autofocus and auto-aperture control, though they have a bigger risk of failure compared to simple mechanical adjusting.

The quality of adapters varies widely, but when faced with the choice between Chrosziel and Metabones, it is recommended that you buy lens mount adapters for each lens that you intend to use. The alternative would be to carry two lens caps and constantly swap the adapter.

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