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The New Fujifilm Broadcast Lens

Discover the new  Fujifilm broadcast lens that brags a remarkable 99x zoom competency

Even if you've paid upwards of nearly £10,000 on your new DSLR kit, even with a huge telephoto lens, it still won't be able to contest with the gear utilised for professional TV broadcasts. Predominantly when it comes to sports. In December, Fujifilm released an amazing new wide angle broadcast lens that brags a remarkable 99x zoom competency. In respect ofBroadcast Lens figures, the lens has an unbelievably wide work array. It's able to go as wide as 8.4 millimetres, and zoom in as far as 832 millimetres. So it's just as proficient at following the action on a tennis match or football game as it is zooming into the back of the stands to get a view of the punters up the back. Plus, when the tens of thousands of fans in the stadium get a little too enthusiastic, the broadcast lens's advanced image stabilisation hardware keeps the image firm and steady even when you’re zoomed in all the way. In addition, and because no broadcasted sport occasion is whole these days without the 3d CG enhancements we get overlaid onto our screens, along with the ads inserted onto any flat surface, Fujifilm's new broadcast lens contains a 16-bit encoder to yield real-time lens data such as zoom and focus information. This data can then be fed into the broadcaster’s graphics desk guaranteeing that the superimposed graphics look as realistic on-screen as they can, no matter what the camera is pointing at. 3D Broadcast Ltd is a well-established professional broadcast company based at the world famous Pinewood Studios, who have many years of experience selling into the Broadcast and Corporate Market Place. The Directors Martin Joannou, Paul Raeburn and Philip O'Marra have established a fantastic reputation within the industry for quality and service. 3D Broadcast offers professional, impartial and unbiased advice to help you make the right choice in acquisition, post-production and media distribution solutions. With an ever growing international client base including freelancers, educational establishments, independent production companies, major corporations and broadcasters, 3D Broadcast is able to source and supply equipment from major manufactures that include Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Ikegami, Blackmagic and Vitec group as well as many others. It is our aim to offer a complete service, at competitive prices and above all to offer you a pleasant and pleasurable experience when dealing with 3D Broadcast. 3D Broadcast striving for excellence.

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