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NAB Show: Future of broadcasting equipment in 2014

nab las vegasThere are many trade shows on the subject of broadcasting equipment and video broadcasting equipment, but is none is arguably bigger than The NAB Show, which is this year travelling to Las Vegas.

The NAB Show is arguably the E3 of the broadcasting calendar and is often used as a platform by some of the biggest names in the business – Canon, Sony and Panasonic – to launch their latest high profile products. Research and development into new better lenses and cameras is ongoing and these companies spend millions developing and testing new equipment.

In the last few years digital technology has become not just more sophisticated, but also more affordable, making this an exciting time for broadcasters and filmmakers alike. High tech equipment is becoming much more readily available to amateur filmmakers; The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera providing a case in point; check out this amazing short film that was shot on the BMPCC. It will be interesting to see how technology will advance over the coming year, particularly in 4K, 6K and 8K technologies; while The NAB Show will also possibly give us an indication of what lays in store beyond 2014 too.

All manner of broadcasting equipment can be expected to make an appearance from Canon's latest lines of EOS Cameras to the latest editing software packages and wireless technologies. However, state of the art 4K, 6K and 8K cameras can be expected to be at the heart of the exhibition, unless there are any big surprises in store.

Of course The NAB Show is not just an opportunity for Panasonic, Canon and the like to showcase their latest lines of broadcasting technology. If you are a member of NAB you will also have a unique opportunity to network, gain insight into how technology will develop over the coming months; perhaps even getting some hands on experience with the latest products. There is also the clear opportunity to discuss product potential and speculate on development with peers.

For those unable to attend, there will be the option to stream The NAB Show live, with on-demand coverage of The NAB Show being broadcast between April 5th-10th, 2014.

There will be plenty of ways to stay up to date with the news filtering out from NAB Show 2014, but if you want a comprehensive update on all the major talking points and to find out what we will be looking forward to the most in the coming year, check back on our blog after the event.

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