1. 3 Tips for buying Used Camcorders

    Buying used camcorders can be a risky transaction, as manufacturer's warranties and guarantees are usually spent. However, here at 3D Broadcasters we make sure that all the previously used products we display meet up to our minimum requirements. We always make reference to what sort of condition the used camcorders are in, and try and include up to date photos...
  2. Sony PMW 150 vs Sony PMW 200 vs Canon XF305

    Capturing high quality video is now easier than ever with new technologies surfacing which aid the users of a camcorder in taking footage which is film worthy. The rise of low cost camcorder equipment has created a new wave of at home amateurs looking to create the next big viral video, which has helped the camcorder industry strive and ship more equipment which is priced out of the reach of mere consumers. Three of the very best camcorders money can buy for under £5500 currently are the Sony PMW 150, Sony PMW 200 and Canon XF305. All three of these camcorders are excellent for capturing high quality video, but which one is better for you? Let's take a look. Continue reading
  3. How to Take Great Photographs in the Snow

    As winter grips the nation news programmes and social networking sites are being flooded with images of the snow-covered landscapes. The images can be beautiful and dramatic but are not always easy to capture. The bright white scenes can play havoc with exposure levels and some digital cameras are better at dealing with the conditions than others. The sensors aim to find a middle ground and often struggle with the brilliant white, meaning shots that are under-exposed and snow that becomes grey. You can adjust the settings of your camera to overcome these problems in a few steps. Continue reading

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