1. New PTZ line-up from Panasonic

    Panasonic launches two new PTZ cameras AW-HE40 Panasonic's new AW-HE40 a new remote camera with a range of features that make it ideal for the lecture, conference and leisure market. Featuring a newly developed 1/2.3-type MOS sensor and a Digital Signal Processor, for high sensitivity and high resolution, the AW-HE40 allows simple set up and operation. Key features: In addition...
  2. This handheld camcorder & DSLR equipment bundle is a real find!

    One of our latest exciting broadcast equipment bundles is the combined package of the Panasonic DMC-GH4 LUMIX G Camera and the Panasonic DMW-YAGHE 4K Interface Unit. It features the GH4's new live MOS Sensory and Venue Engine, which combined reduces noise while increasing resolution and innovating colour reproduction. The introduction of progressive DFD technology has increased the speed of Contrast AF. The Panasonic DMC-GH4 LUMIX G was the world's first DSLM camera to record 4K videos and truly meet the demands of the Broadcast and DSLR equipment market. Combined with the professional interface unit from Panasonic, this bundle is capable of significantly powerful video transmission and advanced real time video output in Full HD via SDI and audio input via XLR. Continue reading
  3. Introducing the Panasonic AJ PX270 P2 HD handheld camera recorder with integrated AVC ULTRA recording

    Panasonic have finally announced a launch date of their first handheld ENG camera. Powered by the need to be versatile and easy portable, the Panasonic AJ PX270 P2 HD handheld camera is the first P2 handheld camera recorder with AVC-ULTRA recording and built-in microP2 card slots. To make the camera even more adaptable, in addition to AVC-Intra100, this Panasonic has AVC-LongG, which enables extended recording of 1920x1080 10bit 4:2:2 broadcast quality footage. Panasonic have tried to make sure that this latest handheld camera has all the facilities to make airing footage both quicker and easier, targeting the camera towards broadcasters who specialise in 24/7 news reporting or sport broadcasters. Continue reading
  4. Love life? Love it, in luminescent detail with the LUMIX GH4!

    Panasonic have brought an amazing range of audio-visual products over the years but nothing inspires creativity more than their line of cameras. The LUMIX GH4 has hit the market with panache. Its colour reproduction is second to none, while the innovative technology it uses, such as  DFD increases the speed of contrast, making image capture both timeless and breath-taking. But this is not all. It is quite literally the world's first DSLM (digital single lens mirror-less) camera to have not only the technology but indeed, the capacity to record 4K videos. A must have for any budding or pro-photo or cinematographer! On handling, this is a sleek, well designed product with a number of the features you would expect from a professional camera of its calibre. Inside this powerhouse of camera technology, you can expect features such as a quad core CPU which enables high speed signal processing, known as the Venus Engine. Continue reading
  5. Choosing The Right Professional Camcorder

    When choosing a professional camcorder the range on offer can be a bit bewildering. Ten or more years ago the range was much narrower and there was a universally accepted format, which made the choice much simpler. However today the decision is much more complicated, but by considering a few key questions it is relatively easy to draw up a shortlist. First you need to consider what you plan to do with the Camcorder. You have identified that you need a professional camcorder rather than the models used by the majority of the public but there is a huge rage of professionalism within the video business; from filming weddings or other parties, to creating corporate films to producing news segments for national broadcasts.  Obviously there is some overlap between the different uses, but deciding the primary use would be helpful to making your choice. Continue reading
  6. Why your next Camcorder should be the Panasonic AJ-HPX3100GJ

    Sporting a slimmer and lighter body than the previous 3000 model, the Panasonic AJ-HPX3100GJ camcorder is perfect for Television recording, boasting the title of the most compact and lightweight 2/3” P” HD shoulder camcorder to come from Panasonic. With the low centre of gravity for increased stability, the body design enables an unobstructed view to the camera operator’s right. The...
  7. Exclusive AG-HPX600 Packages Available Now!

    The Panasonic AG-HPX600 is the firm’s newest full P2 HD SD camcorder. With a shoulder-mount system and weighing in at under 3.2kg it is the lightest camcorder in its field. And with 50Mb/s & 100Mb/s 10-bit and 4:2:2 AVC Intra recording it packs a massive technology punch. Furthermore, it’s upgradable to the new Panasonic AVC-Ultra 200Mb/s recording format. The HPX600 is a hugely important piece of recording kit for Panasonic, representing the cutting-edge of camcorder technology in a super-light professional body. Highlights include wireless, network or even iPad control, and this camcorder is such a brilliant all-rounder that it would be ideal for any production situation. Continue reading
  8. A Look at the Panasonic AG-AC160A Camcorder

    Panasonic are constantly releasing new cameras and camcorders to stay at the forefront of the broadcasting industry, and the latest updates to the acclaimed AG series of camcorders are nothing short of amazing; offering up massive specifications and features which set these tools apart from the competition. Continue reading
  9. An Overview of the Panasonic AG-AC130AEJ Camcorder

    If you are clued in to the photography world then you will know that Panasonic create some serious kit when it comes to hardware, with the likes of professional grade camcorders and still image capturing camera’s being top of the shopping list for any experienced professional. Continue reading

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