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  • Grant Petty Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Update 04/09/2013

    3D 4K CAMERA 2


    Hi, I just want to give you an update on the 4K camera. As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we received the production sensors much later than we expected. When we built cameras from them we saw some big differences in the images between these production sensors vs the pre production samples we originally received. What this means is that we have been working over the last few weeks to replace a bunch of the software in the camera that handles the sensor calibration and image processing.

    It’s taking a bit longer than we expected to do this and we think its going to take about 3 to 4 weeks more to get those changes done and to get the QA process completed before we can start shipping. We apologize for the delays from the original promised date. Ultimately, image calibration is a very important step so we want to make sure this is done properly before shipping.Regards,Grant Petty Blackmagic Design

  • Top 10 News Reporter Video Bombs

    The life of a news reporter is a tough one. You have to deal with being sent to dangerous locations, you have to report in snow, wind and rain, you face the risk of being kidnapped if you go to a dangerous country, and of course, you have to watch out for idiots trying to dance, sing, and shout in the background of your report. When reporting on the football, you of course risk having a few overly excited fans in the background of your report, screaming and singing, but you might not expect it anywhere else. There’s something about the site of a camera that makes people a little crazy; maybe it’s because they have a chance for a minute of fame? Who knows. Either way, it makes for some very entertaining viewing.


    It’s never a good idea to do a news report when surrounded by drunken sports fans. This reporter is harassed by a very strange man who pulls a rather creepy face in the background of her report. Although what seems to be his wife tries to pull him away to avoid him making a fool of himself, he’s very persistent.


    When you’re reporting on something very serious, such as a terrorist suspect, you might believe that no one would try to video bomb you, but that’s just not the case. This reporter expertly fends off two women who try to kiss his cheeks. He does it so quickly, you barely see the would be kiss-and-runners.


    This reporter should be given an award for her expert handling of this video bomber. A rather drunken lady tries to steal the limelight, but the reporter quickly makes a fool of her, by asking her for an interview about STDs. The video bomber awkwardly retreats.


    They say you should avoid working with children and animals, because they’re unpredictable little creatures. This reporter learns that lesson the hard way, as a cat steals the show. Well, they do have a lot more charisma than most reporters don’t they?


    Drunk people are the biggest fear of news reporters, because they’re unpredictable, and sometimes event just downright creepy. This reporter integrates a drunken video bomber into her report without missing a beat. I’m surprised she doesn’t scream when she sees the drunk lady creeping about!


    Surely there’s no better moment to practice your dance moves than when a news reporter and camera crew are around? This guy is barely noticeable, but he’s getting down and really enjoying his day. The news reporter is clueless.


    Of course, not everyone is desperate to be in the background of a news report, in fact, some of us dread the very idea of it. When this girl realises she is in the background of a live news report, she awkwardly tries to disappear.


    Some people will take any opportunity to be obscene, and this guy relishes his chance. After a few rude gestures he simply walks away like nothing happened, leaving the news channel to deal with the consequences of his actions.


    You would think this guy in the background of a BBC report had never seen a camera before. Perhaps he wasn’t a video bomber, but actually someone who was really intrigued as to how the whole process worked.


    Maybe a simple wave wasn’t good enough for this guy, or maybe the person he’s on the phone to dared him to make a fool of himself. Either way, the dance at the end of this video is worth watching the news for.

  • The Power of Cinemagraphs

    Recently you may have heard about Twitter releasing a brand new service called Vine. This service allows you to create 6 second videos which can act as gifs (Animated images) to display in their twitter feeds. This service could be something that is great for people with their mobile phones, but what about those that like to live in the higher resolution side of things? Don't worry, we've got that covered too.

    Cinemegraphs, The High Resolution Version of Vine

    Cinemagraphs are still photos which have been transformed into animated pictures, usually in .gif format. The term was coined by two photographers from the US called Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck. They used the technique to bring fashion and news photographs to life in 2011. Cinemagraphs give the illusion of video but are in fact just a sequence of subtly different photographs strung together to depict movement. Typically the cinemagraphs show slight movements, in hair and clothing as if in the breeze, liquids being poured or vehicles moving.


    See some more examples of Cinemegraphs

    Continue reading

  • Latest Teradek Firmware News

    Latest Product News
    Cube/Brik Firmware Version 6.1.6 is now available
    Brik and Cube Firmware Updates
    6.2.0 Firmware changes include:
    Added native support for Ustream
    Added native support for the New Livestream
    Added additional encoder resolutions (480x270, 640x360, 854x480, 1024x576)
    Expanded front panel menus to include Stream Settings, Device Settings, Bonding, and additional Network Configuration options
    Added support for Link
    Added Bonding page for Link/Bond configuration
    Port-Based bitrate limits added for Link/Bond (requires Bond 6.2 firmware)
    Port-Based primary/backup settings added for Link/Bond (requires Bond 6.2 firmware)
    Firmware 6.1.6 adds the ability to disable some features while ZiXi streaming to improve stream performance. 6.1.6 is also a minor bug fix release with a fix for RTMP auto-start.
    New Features
    Added options to disable front panel and USB support to improve performance with ZiXi streaming
    ZiXi configuration page updates -- added instructions to pages
    Removed ZiXi cloud server option (no longer valid)
    Bug Fixes
    RTMP ato-start sometimes failed on device boot up
    Blank fields in Bond custom modem configuration did not apply correctly
    Go to Teradek to download the file


  • New Manfrotto Sympla Products at 3d Broadcast

    3d Broadcast are delighted to introduce the new Manfrotto Sympla product range that is now available for purchase online.

    Manfrotto Sympla rigs are renowned in the broadcasting industry for providing a simple solution to complex shoots with their outstanding range of shoulder and long lens support systems, as well as the flexible Matterbox system. Continue reading

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