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  1. Things to consider when selecting a Camera Tripod

    Choosing a Tripod can be an overwhelming task given how many choices there are on offer. At first glance it would seem that a tripod is just a simple tool to keep a camera steady but there are so many variables such as height, weight, stability, cost, load bearing to name a few that there are many questions to be asked before buying a new tripod. Of course, as any film maker will know, keeping the camera steady is important when composing a shot. In most instances the film maker will want a steady shot. In some circumstances this will not be the aim; when shooting 1st person perspective for example. However, for the vast majority of shots, stability will be key. Camera tripods allow the film maker to manoeuver and manipulate the camera with far greater ease. A tripod will also help when framing a shot, allowing the film maker to compose the shot at their leisure; in particular, allowing them to adjust the focus, manipulate lighting and add background detail. Where precision is key, tripods give the highest return on investment. Continue reading

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