1. The Art to TV and Film Lighting

    Lighting is a key part of the TV and filmmaking process. A well-placed light can fill out shadows, add depth, create emotion, and will all-round increase the production quality of your videos. The lighting of your film is just as vital at creating suspense and evoking emotion from the viewer, just like the acting, music, cinematic camera lenses or even...
  2. Top 4 Broadcast Lighting Solutions.

    Top 4 Broadcast Lighting Solutions.
    Fiilex K412 Lighting Kit "The Kit for All Seasons" The K412 Lighting Kit is a powerful four light kit that will weather the storm. All lights have an amazing IP-24 rating. Each light has Fiilex's patented color tunable technology, so you can quickly match ambient or artificial light. You will be able to work with, or create, complex lighting set-ups...
  3. Using Broadcast Lighting Equipment

    When it comes to Broadcast Lighting it is important to acknowledge that there are two primary goals. The first is to get enough light and the second is to use the light that you have to shape and define the objects in the scene. A lighting technician will consider a variety of different factors when deciding upon the best way in which to light the stage. The first question they will likely ask is how big the audience is. The answer that is generally provided is that it is both the number of people that are in the room itself plus the audience that will potentially be watching via the web-stream. Unless you have an unlimited budget though there will however need to be some compromises made and it will be your technician’s job to work out how to make the most of what they have available to them. Continue reading

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