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  • Canon Announce Price For Cine Style Prime Lenses

    Canon announce price and lead time on their much anticipated cine style prime lenses, the CN-E24mm, CN-E50mm and the CN-E85mm


    Canon UK have finally let us dealers in on their little secret, the price and lead time of the much anticipated cine style prime lenses for use with EF mounted cameras like the oh so popular Canon Eos C300

    The lens as we already know will come in 24mm, 50mm and 85mm sizes (the 24mm being the most expensive at about £3150 ex vat), the other two lenses are price at about £2850 ex vat, but having said all that they do come in cheaper if brought in a kit of 3 lenses at around the £7900 mark which does represent a saving of around £950 which is not bad

    The rough lead times on the lenses are as follows, we expect to see the Cine Prime 24mm at the beginning of September, and both the Cine Prime 50mm and 85mm around October/November

    All these lenses will be on high demand so you can pre order your lenses now from our web site, be sure not to miss out on these little beauties.

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