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  1. Hot News From Blackmagic at IBC

    I wanted to share with you information on some new products that Blackmagic are announcing at IBC 2012 in Amsterdam today.   New products include:   • Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT • UltraStudio 4K • UltraStudio Mini Capture • UltraStudio Mini Monitor • DeckLink 4K Extreme • Videohub Master Control • Mini Converter SDI to HDMI 4K • Mini Converter SDI Multiplex...
  2. Canon EOS C500, Canon confirms European Launch

    EOS C500 Following a development announcement in April 2012, Canon today confirms the European launch of the EOS C500, a new digital cinema camera capable of 4K-resolution (4,096 x 2,160 pixels) video output. Designed for motion picture and high resolution digital production industries, the EOS C500 offers the ability to output 4K-resolution images as RAW data for recording using an...
  3. Canon EOS C100 Cinema Camera added to the EOS Family

    Canon has today (29/08/2012) announced the NEW EOS C100 Camera aimed at the "budget conscious" as an addition to its Cinema EOS range of cameras that include the C300 and C500. Designed with independent videographers in mind the Canon EOS C100 offers the same core technology of its big brother the C300, including its 8.3MP Super 35mm CMOS Sensor, in...
  4. Blackmagic Design offers New Forum to aid with up and coming Blackmagic Cinema Camera

    Blackmagic Forum We have a new Blackmagic Forum on our web site now and we think it will allow people to help each other and share knowledge. If you would like to check it out then please go to Blackmagic Cinema Camera Files We have posted some RAW CinemaDNG shots from the Blackmagic Cinema Camera for download, and people...
  5. Canon Announce Price For Cine Style Prime Lenses

    Canon announce price and lead time on their much anticipated cine style prime lenses, the CN-E24mm, CN-E50mm and the CN-E85mm   Canon UK have finally let us dealers in on their little secret, the price and lead time of the much anticipated cine style prime lenses for use with EF mounted cameras like the oh so popular Canon Eos C300...
  6. PAG to Support Broadcasters During Olympics

    3d Broadcast is delighted to announce that one of our illustrious suppliers, PAG, has been selected to provide support for broadcasters during the 2012 Olympic games. Continue reading
  7. How does the 2012 Digital Switchover affect Wireless Microphone & IEM Users?

    The analogue to digital switchover in the UK will complete in 2012, meaning that almost everybody will be able to receive digital TV using an aerial. But how does this affect Wireless Microphone and IEM users? For Wireless Microphone and IEM users, TV Channel 38 (606-614MHz) has been announced by Ofcom as the replacement for the old TV Channel 69 (854-862MHz) signal use. You will also require a licence to legally operate radio microphones and IEM’s on the new signal. Continue reading

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