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  • Top Ten Most Cliché Forced Perspective Photos

    Top 10 Most Cliché Forced Perspective Photos

    Many tourists across the globe like to play with forced perspective, you only have to stand near any major monument and observe hundreds of strange people pulling poses – poses that only make sense when you stand from the angle of the photographer! Forced perspective is an optical illusion that makes an object look smaller, larger, closer or further away than it actually is. It can produce some very funny keepsake photos, but in some places forced perspective photos are taken so often that it has become cliché. Some set ups are very popular too; amateur photographers often play with perspective to create the illusion of small and giant people! Here are a few good examples:

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  • BLACKMAGIC CINEMA Camera Shipping Update: 1/14


    Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:32 pm


    Wanted to send out a quick update on camera shipments. The production lines have been up and running with sensors coming in. We have been sending out regular shipments of EF model cameras each week to all of our offices around the world, and each week we are getting cameras out at a faster rate. We are still not at full volume shipping though, because sensors are not quite getting to us at a pace that I could say was full volume. But each day I am seeing the volume get better from the sensor company. I am happy with the quality of the sensors.

    For the MFT model, we want to get through some more of the EF orders before I give a date on when we will start getting the MFT orders out. They are ready to go, but we need to get through most of the early EF pre-orders first.

    I have been blown away seeing all the footage coming from people with their cameras around the world. It's been very exciting to watch the camera doing such fantastic creative work!


    Blackmagic Design

  • 3D Broadcast Supply University of Portsmouth

    University of Portsmouth students have begun producing and airing live television coverage, making them the first undergraduates in the UK to do this, with much of the broadcasting equipment having been provided by 3D Broadcast.

    Requiring a combination of professional, technical skills and also a great deal of endurance to create the consecutive 4-hour magazine style show, the 46 students and 4 faculty members on the Television and Broadcasting course from the School of Creative Technologies had their production aired on the Guildhall Square BBC Big Screen, as well as across the University of Portsmouth campus and the internet.

    uni of portsmouth

    The live productions were made to celebrate and promote the work of students in the University’s Creative and Cultural Industries department, particularly the end of year art and fashion shows. Included in the productions were various formats, including art, film and music, along with a magic show and a game show.

    The Television and Broadcasting course tutor, Charlie Watts, said about the productions, “This live show will be hard to top for a while. The BBC trusted us implicitly to broadcast acceptable and professional content."

    Productions were aided by using a variety of professional broadcasting equipment from 3D Broadcast, ensuring that the shows had the professional production values and quality features as required by the BBC.

    To view the students work you can visit their CCi Channel at

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