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  • Is the Sony HXC-D70 the new go to studio camera?

    If you’re near to take on building a new TV workspace or upgrading an existing one into an HD era, then one of the most significant selections you’ll have to make is your selection of camera ‘chain’. (A camera chain usually includes a Camera Head, Viewfinder, Cable Adaptor, CCU (Camera Control Unit) and Joystick or Rotary dial controlled RCP (Remote Control Panel).

    Choosing a studio camera founded on its original value can generate difficulties and need noteworthy compromises or added spending down the line.  For instance, selecting a smaller sensor on a professional video camera may save cash on the cameras but that saving may well be more than wiped out by the need for extra studio lights (and a bigger electric bill) needed to compensate for the lesser sensitivity of that sensor.  A smaller sensor will also leave you with a deeper depth of field and that may create a far ‘harder’ appearance inside the workspace owing to an increase in focus on background / foreground objects.

    It has a very accustomed look and feel, and it is fully laden with all of the cutting-edge features enclosed within Sony’s excellent PMW-350 XDCAM EX HD camcorder.

    The HXC-D70K is a high-performance yet affordable HD camera that inherits field-proven operability from the highly regarded DXC-D Series of system cameras. The camera is equipped with the latest digital HD multi-core technology that integrates perfectly with the HXCU-D70 HD multicore camera control unit (CCU). Furthermore, the existing CCU-D50 CCU can also be used with the HXC-D70K for migration from SD to HD live production.

    The HXC-D70K is supplied with the CBK-VF01 3.5-inch colour LCD monocular viewfinder as standard. The standard 16x Fujinon supplied lens offers 2x Digital Extender function and Auto Focus.

    The D70’s great class images are transferred to the CCU via a 26-pin Multi-core (Sony CCZ type) cable.  Connectivity at the camera head comprises of DC power input and output, SDI input and output, Gen-lock input, Prompter output, Test output, Audio input, Earphone and Intercom input and output.   At the CCU end there are contacts for Sync input and output, Prompter input, Component/RGB output, S-Video output, HDMI output, Composite input and output, plus an additional four SDI outputs which seems like overkill but someone may need it. So for an economical camera system the HXC-D70 is tremendously well armed and makes for an excellent professional video camera.

  • The best 35mm Sony Cameras uncovered

    Looking for a professional 35mm camera with continuous Super Slow Motion capabilities? Why not opt for the Sony PXW-FS7 & PXW-FS7K cameras?


    What's on offer?

    The PXW-FS7K is easy to handle and operate, thanks to its unique ergonomic grip, making it the perfect choice for one-man operation. Whether you're shooting in 4K**60p or full HD, this camera lets you enjoy high frame rates of up to 180 frames per second. Thanks to its flexible mount lens system, you can interchange compatible lenses to suit your shooting requirements and location, so this camera really can do more than its competitors. Purchasing an optional extension unit means you can also enjoy multi-camera shooting when needed. Continue reading

  • Sony Nex-VG900 Pro: Full Frame Camcorder

    NEX-VG900 Sony CamcorderThe Sony Nex-VG900 Pro is a Sony camcorder with a difference. It has a wide range of innovative new features that make this Sony camcorder a market leader and a great buy for consumers starting to edge into professional shooting and professionals looking for a good event camera. Often described as the first prosumer camcorder with full-frame capabilities, this is truly a groundbreaking innovation.

    The Nex-VG900 Pro has added a pro audio microphone kit to the Nex-VG900 Sony Camcorder, boosting the captured sound quality when using this Sony camcorder. It can record sound in high quality stereo and 5.1 surround sound without the need for additional separate microphones and audio equipment, producing a sound track that sounds amazing on a home cinema system.

    Continue reading

  • Revolution in Studio Camera Technology

    Sony HDC-1700 CameraHailed as a revolution in Studio Camera technology – the HDC-1700 1080/50i Sony Video Camera has hit the market as one of Sony's leaders in Multi format HD portable system camera and taken it by storm!

    This powerful Multi format HD portable system Sony Video camera comes with 16-bit A/D conversion and fibre transmission. It is compliant with the SMPTE or the necessary standard of data capture and transmission, demanded of any studio camera. The HDC-1700 also boasts a 3G Fibre Interface. Continue reading

  • Sony PXW Z100 4K XDCAM: The Best Handheld Camcorder

    Sony PXW-Z100 (PXWZ100) 4K XDCAM Handheld CamcorderThis new Handheld Camcorder from Sony may look similar in design to a number of their previous camcorders, but with a 20x Sony G Series zoom lens and an easy to use layout, this pro series camcorder is capable of filming using 4K.

    To utilise the full possibilities of filming using 4K at 60fp/ss then it is recommended that you use an XQD media card as your typical SD card may struggle to handle the shear amount of information and data that will be being sent to it. A XQD card uses the ultra-fast PCI Express interface and Sony’s unique camera processor to enable stable video recording at 500Mbps or 600Mbps. The PXW-Z100 features two XQD Memory Card slots so multiple cards can be used in various ways, such as for relay recording. When the first card becomes full, recording continues on the second card without a break, giving you the ability to record for longer without having to constantly worry about memory space. Continue reading

  • Sony announce DWX Digital Wireless Microphones and PMW-400 Camcorder Promotion



    All XDCAM HD shoulder camcorders, including the new PMW-400, offer a 2 channel slot-in capability for Sony DWX Digital wireless receiver (DWR-S02D), allowing for a fully digital workflow using superb audio quality by AES3 out and 24Bit/48kHz D/A conversion, with up to 72MHz bandwidth. You can pair the digital receiver with a choice of digital wireless transmitters, either the handheld microphone (DWM-02) or belt-pack (DWT-B01/E) both offering simultaneous multi-channel operation and Selectable RF output power (1/10/50 mW).


    Terms and conditions

    1. In order to qualify for this promotion the End-User must purchase a DWX transmitter (DWT-B01/E or DWM-02) from a participating Dealer when they purchase the Sony PMW-400 camcorder, or within one month of the purchase (proof and date of purchase required).
    2. The end user must specify their required channel frequency for the transmitter and receiver on purchase.
    3. The promotion is available on a one to one basis, with the offer limited to one per camcorder purchased.
    4. This promotion is only operated by participating Sony Professional Solutions Specialists (SPSS) “Dealers” in the EEA and Switzerland.
    5. The Promoter reserves the right to change the terms of the Promotion, or to terminate the Promotion at any time and without prior notice.
    6. There is no credit or cash alternative available.
    7. The promotion is limited to above models only.
    8. All sales of Sony Camcorders will be made subject to the participating Dealer’s terms of supply; end users should contact Dealers to confirm if they are participating in this promotion and for confirmation of their terms of supply.
    9. Sony will use your personal details for selected future marketing purposes.
    10. Subject to availability participating Dealers will be offering this promotion from 1st September 2013 till 31st December 2013

  • Sony PMW 150 vs Sony PMW 200 vs Canon XF305

    Capturing high quality video is now easier than ever with new technologies surfacing which aid the users of a camcorder in taking footage which is film worthy. The rise of low cost camcorder equipment has created a new wave of at home amateurs looking to create the next big viral video, which has helped the camcorder industry strive and ship more equipment which is priced out of the reach of mere consumers.

    Three of the very best camcorders money can buy for under £5500 currently are the Sony PMW 150, Sony PMW 200 and Canon XF305. All three of these camcorders are excellent for capturing high quality video, but which one is better for you? Let's take a look.

    Continue reading

  • The cat is out of the bag as Sony reveal their New PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 CineAlta 4K Super 35mm Sensor Camcorders.

    Sony has now launched a pair of PL-Mounted CineAlta Cameras with a New Super 35mm Sensor which will be known as the PMW-F5 and the PMW-F55.

    The PMW-F5 even though equipped with a 4K CMOS sensor will only provide you with 2K and HD resolution with a rolling shutter, whilst the up market PMW-F55 will provide 4K pictures as well as 2K and HD Video.  The PMW-F55 also has a global shutter, wider colour gamut.

    Depending on your workflow these cameras offer a variety of ways to capture video to each camera. You are able to record MPEG-4 H.264 video or Sony’s SR MPEG-4 SSTP which can be recorded onto Sony’s new SxS PRO+ media. If however RAW footage is more to your liking then there is the new AXS-R5 Access Memory System for 2K & 4K RAW capturing. Using the latter system then the PMW-F5 is more than capable of grabbing up to 120fps slow motion in RAW HD, whilst the PMW-F55 can capture 240fps of video at 2k, putting bang in RED Epic-X territory.

    These cameras are expected to ship around February 2013 and as of yet there is no idea on price.

    For more info from Sony UK

  • A Closer Look at the Sony PMW500

    The Sony PMW 500 is a broadcast-quality full-HD camcorder which offers a range of impressive features to professional users.

    The camcorder allows you to record at a rate of 50Mbps directly to a solid-state storage device, taking advantage of efficient and detailed MPEG-2 Long GOP compression in order to deliver the best quality for this format.

    One of its more unusual features is the ability to switch between this codec and high-definition MP4 recording at 35Mbps, which may be a convenient function for certain set-ups.

    Low-light performance is excellent thanks to the trio of Power HAD FX CCD sensors and the PMW 500 can also boast impressive energy efficiency, which will help to improve its portability and longevity when in use.

    Sony has made sure that its ergonomic design renders the device practical to use on an extended basis. Essentially, this is an impressive development of the critically lauded PDW-700/F800.

    When it comes to audio recording, the PMW 500 captures sounds across four channels in a 24-bit uncompressed form. There is a quartet of level controllers assigned to each channel so you can manipulate them individually, if required.

    The 3.5-inch LCD monitor benefits from high native resolution and the ability to showcase full-colour imagery, allowing you to frame shots effectively and view footage after it has been captured.

    Sony offers buyers of this camcorder access to its PrimeSupport service, which means that you can get the technical help you need and also assures users of quick repairs in the event of any problems.

  • Introducing the Sony PMW 200 Camcorder

    The PMW 200 Camcorder is the latest addition to Sony’s XDCAM HD4:2:2 range and is causing quite a stir in the industry. The Sony PMW 200 Camcorder is the first professional handheld camcorder in its class in today’s market that possesses full HD 4:2:2 50Mbps recording and three ½”-type Exmoor Cmos sensors. Continue reading

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