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  1. Blackmagic URSA EF: The world’s first user upgradable 4K Digital Film Camera

    In the world of broadcasting equipment there is nothing quite as exciting for the user than the launch of a new high-end user upgradable 4K camera complete with all the major production equipment you need on board! Described by its makers as 'revolutionary', the Blackmagic URSA EF 4K digital camera has dedicated 'zones' for DOPs, camera assistants, and sound recordists allowing everyone to work together at the same time; meaning crews of any size production company can spend more time gathering footage and less time on roadying the gear on set up. Continue reading
  2. 4K Up Scaling Is Big News For Movie Fans

    4K technology – is this yet another technical gimmick in the world of technology? Without doubt, once you have seen a 4K film you will not think so. Having a keen interest in broadcast technology, I decided to research 4K and see what all the fuss was about. Jacob and Marie Scwartz made a breathtaking and beautiful film of their experiences on St John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, using a professional video camera in 4K. The results are stunning. High resolution images like nothing you have ever seen before in full HD, depict the Island like you were actually there and walking in their footsteps. The film's focus on insects, animals and their habitats is shown in exquisite detail. Moreover, the sharpness of life-like capture enables you to experience the depth, texture and minutest details in the timeless stone ruins, the delicacy of the leaves on the palm trees and the rich vibrancy of the colours in the sky, on the beaches, on the forest floor and in the water. Continue reading

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