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Canon CN7x17 KAS S: Cinematic lens technology now handheld for increased flexiblity

Canon CN7x17 KAS S Camera LensCanon has recently launched its first servo lens that can be held by hand, mounted on your shoulder or on a tripod, and allows the creation of cinematic images regardless of how you shoot. The Canon CN7x17 KAS S is a highly impressive lens that is perfect for shooting scenes where movement is essential to the composition. So, if you're looking for the must buy camera lens that's versatile and highly impressive, look no further than the Canon CN7x17 KAS S.

Canon CN7x17 KAS S: Features

The Canon CN7x17 KAS S offers amazing 4K optical performance due to Canon lens technology and has been designed for Super35mm cameras. The servo drive unit allows for both hand-held and broadcast production, while the lens is effective for most situations as it's highly versatile with its 17mm-120mm focal length.

This lens has been built to last, which is quite clear as the robust build not only ensures a long service life but that it can be used in practically any environment. The Canon CN7x17 KAS S is both shockproof and weatherproof.

The newest addition to the Canon Cinema Lens line-up has been designed with the end-user in mind, offering a highly intuitive and familiar experience. It's the perfect option if you are looking to buy camera lens that offers a familiar shoulder-mounted ENG experience with a Super35 body, akin to the Canon C300 and C500. It's also compatible with a wide range of accessories used for shooting movies and broadcast programming.

The Canon CN7x17 KAS S also features integrated electronics that offer support for Cooke /I Technology, while the EF mount variety offers Canon EOS support. There's also a 12-pin lens communication option. These various options mean that a wide variety of production styles are supported and the lens can be connected to a wide range of cameras.

Excellent Performance and Flexibility

Canon has an extensive history in the production of optical equipment and they've used this experience to design a lens that offers incredible quality from the center of the image right to the very edge. Besides the 4K resolution the Canon CN7x17 KAS S supports, it also has an iris with 11 blades that makes sure the out-of-focus areas are softer and more attractive.

A maximum T-number of T2.95, a focal length that goes from 17mm to 120mm, and the 7x zoom mean that it's unlikely you'll ever need another lens. The servo unit comes with an information display that's like the ones available on Canon ENG lenses and features quite a few controls, including Frame Preset, Speed Preset, and Shuttle Shot. The zoom speed can be set from a quick half a second all the way up to 300 seconds.

Designed for Broadcast and Movies

In broadcast-style shooting conditions, cine lenses are often impractical, which is why the Canon CN7x17 KAS S is ideal. It is relatively compact and quite light, meaning that it can be mounted on your shoulder easily. The rotation of the focus ring is 180°, creating an excellent balance between the accuracy 4K imaging requires and the speed broadcast usage demands.

Though designed specifically for broadcast productions, the Canon CN7x17 KAS S is also perfect for shooting movies. The servo drive unit can be removed easily, turning the Canon CN7x17 KAS S into a traditional cine lens. Various accessories that are standard in the industry can be quickly and easily attached, while reinstallation of the drive unit is simply. You don't need to adjust gear positions, making this lens one of the most flexible in the industry.

So, for anyone looking to buy camera lens that can be used in broadcast production as well as movie shooting, then the Canon CN7x17 KAS S is the perfect option.

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