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Canon Camcorder XA25 - A Comprehensive Review

XA25 Canon CamcorderUndeniably, the Canon Camcorder XA25 is an excellent camera, with various high tech features that makes it an outstanding device on the market, but how does it compare to other Canon Camcorders on the market? A compact piece of equipment, the XA25 has a dual-simultaneous recording format, offering an outstanding high quality image, infrared night shooting and SD-SDI/HDI port for uncompressed output, dual XLR ports, as well as full manual control for use with microphones.

Compact design does not necessarily mean compromised functionality –The XA25 and XA20 offers a unique combination of multiple recording formats, high precision optics, outstanding image processing, flexible connectivity and intuitive user features.


20x optical zoom lens with a range of 35mm - Equivalent to 26.8mm to 576mm range, and a minimum object distance of 23.7 inches. It is equipped with a high quality images sensor, which produces sharp images with smooth motion capture and clean colour rendition.

Automatic or manual control for key functions such as white balance, exposure and focus - Manual control is not provided by physical switches, because most of the functions are controlled through the LCD touch screen. Nevertheless, you can assign certain function to any of the 5 customizable buttons.

The XA25 barely weighs 1.7 pounds and is small enough for you to hold it in one hand. It is a professional camcorder recording in either MP4 or AVCHd format.

2 SD cards - The second SD card will simultaneously record a backup copy of the content saved on the first card, or a compressed copy which can be easily uploaded to the internet or shared on social media.

WI-Fi enabled - You can comfortably transfer footage to external storage.

Detachable handle - It provides an extra audio bang with an in-built XLR audio input terminal and phantom power.

Variety of styles - The 24p footage looks extremely well and the 9 filter effects features a shiny cinema mode which makes these camcorders unique. Other styles include - sepia, cool, dream, memory, old movies and dramatic B&W.

High resolution - High resolution up to 1080/60p and virtually blur-free, as well as high quality capture for fast moving objects.

Compatible with GPS - This feature allows accurate record of when and where the footage was captured.

Canon camcorder XA25 is ideal for:

Tourists – A variety of connectivity options and advanced shooting features make these cameras ideal for tourists. The ability to record in 2 different formats MP4 or AVCHD on 2 different memory cards at different bit rates is ideal to record wild life movement. The infrared option is perfectly suited for capturing nocturnal animals.

Wedding videographers  - It is light in weight, small in size, can shoot high quality images, including a dual-simultaneous recording and making it ideal for wedding videographers.

Military and Police force - It is easy to use, offers 20x optical zoom making it the best camcorder for police and any other profession where you should record discreetly while on the move. The infrared shooting option is ideal for recording during the night.

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