3D_XA25__97691_zoomMost people in The UK will have heard of The Canon Brand. The company began in Japan in the 1930’s by a small group of scientists who wanted to develop camera technology and although the brand came to The UK in the late 1970’s it was as a manufacturer of calculators and copiers rather than cameras. In 1982 the company added an existing but minor camera sales operation to the Canon Uk company that we know today as a market leader in the manufacture and sales of professional cameras and other such equipment.

Canon separates its business into two core segments; Business Imaging and Consumer imaging. Business Imaging covers areas such as printers, photocopiers, fax machines and document management, while Consumer Imaging is concerned with cameras, camcorders, binoculars, calculators and other such equipment. In addition their Broadcast Division supplies lenses and accessories to the Television Industry.

In April 2013 Canon launched three new Camcorders for professionals and enthusiasts. They developed the XA25, XA20 and Legria G30 to compliment their XA10 camcorder and all the new models benefit from canons technical and design expertise. The three new camcorders have a completely new digital imaging system which will provide outstanding quality and usability and new levels of imaging performance. The XA25 and XA20 also have professional audio and and wifi connectivity in an easy to handle portable format while the Legria G30 has a package optimised for purchasers such as film students or videographers. The powerful specification of these professional cameras and a wide range of advanced shooting features and connectivity options makes them ideal for amateur and professional use and suitable for filming everything from Weddings to News and Documentaries.

The AX10 still offers a fantastic choice for anyone interested in professional HD video in a highly portable format. The fast wide angle Canon video lens gives professional image quality and the infrared recording option allows full HD resolution for night time or low light situation filming. The AX10 is still and extremely versatile and adaptable camera system for use in a variety of situations and the double memory card feature allows continuous filming.

Canon has firmly established itself as a global world leader in the manufacture and supply of equipment such as professional cameras and camcorders, printers and copiers to name but a few. With their strong heritage, excellent design and technology skills and their corporate philosophy of “Kyosei” (living and working together for the common good), Canon offers high quality products combined with high levels of customer service and after sales care. Their commitment to continuously developing new products to compliment their existing ranges means that Canon products are an excellent choice for consumers, whether they want to simply capture precious family moments or film for more professional purposes.