Canon XF305 time to take another look


With the release this week of Sony’s New PMW-200 XDCAM EX Camcorder I thought it would be a good time to take a look again at Canon’s outstanding XF305 Camera. This camera has fast become a favourite of Broadcasters and professionals alike so it would seem that the Sony has a lot of ground to catch up on.


Ok so the Canon does not have ½-inch chips or picture cache, but what it does do more than any other camera in this sector is produce some outstanding pictures and let’s be honest it is all about the picture quality at the end of the day not how many bells and whistles you can add to it!


As we all know the XF305 is a great ENG camera but it also has the ability to be a good studio camera thanks to functions like: genlock, timecode and HD-SDI BNCs (extras over its twin the XF300). As I said earlier the image quality of this camera is outstanding, at the highest quality settings the XF305 records full 1080p/i HD using 4:2:2 MPEG-2 at 50Mbits/s and records the resulting MXF files on inexpensive Compact Flash Cards, (unlike the more expensive SxS cards for Sony or P2 in the case of the Panasonic AG-HPX250 Camera). You also have the option of recording 720p at up to 50fps. The typical record times when using a 32GB Compact Flash card should give you about 80 minutes at 50Mbits/s and there are two Compact Flash card slots so you can hot-swap between them. There is also an SD Card slot for storing user settings.


The XF305 has 3 1/3-inch CMOS sensors giving Full 1920x1080 HD, which have an optimised, fast readout to minimise the rolling shutter problems that are associated with CMOS sensors.

Then there is the 18x zoom Lens, not just any lens but, part of Canons ‘L’ series of lenses, you know the ones, the ones with the Red rings, synonymous with Canons top of the range photography lenses with Ultra Low Dispersion UD glass. At the lenses widest point its focal length is 4.1mm, which is the equivalent of around 29mm on a 35mm still frame. The maximum aperture rages from f/1.6 to f.2.8.


This lens really is a stunner, Canon stress the degree to which they asked broadcasters and cinematographers for input on the design of this camera and the lens handling and you can definitely see how this shows up.


Remember your camera no matter how many features is only as good as the piece of glass you put in front of it.

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