The analogue to digital switchover in the UK will complete in 2012, meaning that almost everybody will be able to receive digital TV using an aerial. But how does this affect Wireless Microphone and IEM users?

For Wireless Microphone and IEM users, TV Channel 38 (606-614MHz) has been announced by Ofcom as the replacement for the old TV Channel 69 (854-862MHz) signal use. You will also require a licence to legally operate radio microphones and IEM’s on the new signal.

It also important to ensure that your Wireless Microphone is capable of receiving digital signals, if you’re microphone isn’t digitally ready, then purchasing a new one as soon as possible is essential.

In terms of microphone kits, we'd highly recommend the Sony UWP-V1 and the Sony UWP-V6.

The UWP-V1 UHF Radio Microphone Kit Channels 38-40 features a host of updated user-functions, back-lit displays and more. This is the ideal rugged wireless microphone system suitable for a camcorder or stand-alone system.

The Sony UWP-V6/K38 UHF Bodypack and Plug-on Transmitter with Portable Diversity Tuner has teamed 'plug and play' simplicity with extended battery life and stable performance making it the ideal solution for presentations, live performances and ENG/EFP.

Both available from 3d Broadcast, the UWP-V1 costs £432 (inc. VAT), whilst the UWP-V6 is available for just £714 (inc. VAT).