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Blackmagic Design BMD DVRTK  Davinci Resolve Turnkey System With HP PC and Software

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BlackMagic Design

Blackmagic Design BMD DVRTK Davinci Resolve Turnkey System With HP PC and Software

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Blackmagic Design BMD-DVRTK (BMDDVRTK) Davinci Resolve Turnkey System With HP PC and Software


Davinci Resolve Turnkey System

Trusted by Hollywood and installed in post houses worldwide, DaVinci Resolve's grading capabilities far outstrip any NLE. Resolve is a comprehensive 16-bit colouring system that supports the latest raw HD and 4K formats. Installed in a powerhouse HP workstation, Resolve is ready to attack any project.

• HP Z440B Workstation (See HP Price List for Specification)

• HP P221 21.5" Display

• BlackMagic Design DeckLink HD Extreme 4K Card

Fully configured & tested, ready to go. Resolve can be pre-installed but license in NOT included - supplied FOC with BlackMagic Cameras

Key Features


What's new in DaVinci Resolve 11.1

Media Page

  • Drag and drop of folder from Media Storage to Media Pool bin area preserves hierarchy
  • Additional Media Pool context menu: Reveal in Media Library
  • Subframe audio slipping for sync audio with shift left/right arrow shortcut
  • Performance improvements with Avid ISIS shared storage for better media and project collaboration

Edit Page

  • Swap Edit via Cmd+Shift drag and Partial Swap via Cmd+Option drag
  • Trim support for Quicktime and MXF clips
  • Double click on a timeline clip to edit extents by changing in/out points in Source Viewer
  • Hold the shift key when adjusting Mark In/Out to slip shot in Source Viewer
  • Alt + Double click on a timeline clip to perform a match frame operation
  • Gap Trimming
  • Improved support for FCP X exported compound clips including multi-cam and sync clips
  • Native mixed frame rate support for compound clips
  • Bezier support for imported FCP X speed changes
  • Support for FCP X Import retime selection e.g. frame blending, optical flow
  • Improved AAF keyframe bezier and cubic interpolation
  • Full screen timeline option
  • Independent track heights
  • Selectable Safe-area outlines
  • Fade In/Out opacity sliders
  • Decompose compound clip in place
  • Renaming of compound clips
  • Improved asymmetric editing in trim mode
  • Allow transitions to be added to multiple selected clips via Cmd+T
  • Find Source Viewer clip in Media Pool via Option+F
  • ColourTrace support for copying Group grades
  • ColourTrace CDL improvements to specify DRX filenames for loading full Resolve grades
  • Alt+Click to expand/collapse Edit Inspector and OFX Parameter Panels

Colour Page

  • Object tracking and stabilization for compound clips
  • Second layer input for OFX plugins
  • Ability to pick colours in the viewer for OFX plugins
  • Alt+Click to expand/collapse OFX Parameter Panels
  • Group menu options to load/delete/rename groups
  • DSC Labs ChromaDuMonde 24+4 chart support for Colour Match

General Enhancements

  • Support for visually lossless compressed DNG raw clips
  • Support for Panasonic Varicam vRaw and AVC-I
  • Colour decode improvements for Phantom CINE RAW files
  • Phantom Cine Log gamma selection in camera raw settings
  • Update to Red SDK 5.1 and D.E.B. control
  • VFX I/O LUTs for Gamma 2.2 and Gamma 2.4
  • OpenCL support for Linux to support AMD GPUs
  • NVIDIA CUDA performance improvements
  • Added support for Dolby Vision image processing
  • Swap primary monitor option
  • Added ability to render locked shared projects
  • Mapping updates for Tangent Elements Panel
  • Support for OxygenTec Panel
  • General performance improvements

Click here for the latest Firmware and Software

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