Benro RedDog R1 3-Axis Gimbal Stabiliser

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Benro RedDog R1 3-Axis Gimbal Stabiliser


Benro has always been focussed on supporting professional photographers with exceptional tripods. Recognising the changing needs of photographers and film makers, Benro have invested in new technology and infrastructure and together with market leading experts are creating a series of 3-axis electronic camera stabilisers.

We are pleased to introduce the first in a range of products delivering the latest in stabilisation technology — the Benro RedDog R1 Gimbal Stabiliser.

The RedDog R1 gives exceptional performance in a user-friendly, affordable device that is packed with features and is a product that will redefine the Benro brand name to photographers across the World.


Our first model is the RedDog R1. This is a compact gimbal stabiliser designed to carry up to a maximum of 1.8kg, making it the perfect partner for the current best selling cameras - Mirrorless, Action Cams or Smart Phones.

The key selling point of the R1 is the innovative handle design that can quickly be moved from vertical to hori-zontal position for convenient low level filming.

With fingertip controls as well as remote operations through the Benro RedDog App (Apple and Android), the RedDog R1 will compete strongly against any other stabiliser brand on the market.

Precision engineered from aluminium, the RedDog R1 is compact and lightweight (just 980g with batteries) and because it is designed to be folded and packed in the specially designed carrying case without the need to change any positional settings, the Red Dog R1 is always ready for action. Repeated balancing is not necessary if you use the same camera, just re-attach and you’re ready to shoot.

With a 12 hour battery life, the R1 is guaranteed to keep up with you during the longest days of shooting, and with the multi-functional camera controls you can easily select and manage your desired camera movements.

The Benro has 3 operation modes controlled by pressing down the Mode/On side button.

Locked-down Mode (Blue light) keeps the camera locked on a subject while the gimbal is moved. With this mode you can replicate movements similar to a jib or slider

Horizontal Follow Mode (Red light) provides smooth movement when moving the camera horizontally. Perfect for dynamic panning

Universal Follow Mode (Pink light) will let you achieve smooth movements when moving the camera in both horizon-tal and vertical directions.

Further controls are found on the moulded silicone handle where the camera position control, zoom, shutter and recording can all be controlled with compatible Sony and Panasonic cameras — or using the Benro RedDog App (Apple and Android) remotely via Bluetooth, which will also allow you to programme the R1 to shoot multi-row pano-ramas and dynamic time-lapse images. The R1 can even recharge the camera for longer shooting time. (All neces-sary cables are supplied).




BENRO RedDog R1 Gimbal Stabilizer

Benro Reddog R1 - First look @ IBC