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Audio Equipment and Accessories

Whatever you need from your audio equipment we have a wide range of different studio components and accessories to suit both professionals and hobbyists. With products from many of the leading brands such as Sony, Rycote and Sennheiser, you can be sure that your sounds remain clear and true, whatever you are doing.

The right audio equipment makes all the difference, whether you are sound recording, mixing or just listening to some great music. Having top of the range products ensures a crystal clear sound that will give all of your sound projects the professional edge.

Audio processors are available in all price ranges, from budget to professional standard. The variety of sound effects that it is possible to create using equipment such as this is really only limited by your imagination. You will also find a full range of leads, connectors and switches on our site, so you can set up your studio exactly as you want it.

Other products that are available from us include monitors and recording equipment as well as a full range of microphones and microphone accessories. In fact, we have everything you need for all of your audio-based work to ensure that your sounds are of professional quality, every time.