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Vinten VB100 AP2M Vinten Vision 100 Two Stage Aluminium Pozi Loc Tripod System

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Vinten VB100 AP2M Vinten Vision 100 Two Stage Aluminium Pozi Loc Tripod System

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Vinten VB100-AP2M (VB100AP2M VB100 AP2M) Vinten Vision 100 Two-Stage Aluminium Pozi-Loc Tripod System, 100mm Bowl, Payload Case 7-20kg. 5-7 DAYS DELIVERY TIME 


Kit Includes:

  • Vision 100 Tripod Head
  • 3821-3 Pozi-Loc Tripod Legs
  • 3781-3 Spread-Loc Mid Level Spreader & Rubber Feet
  • 3340-3 Soft Tripod Case

The Vinten VB100-AP2M is a Vision 100 tripod system. This system features the Vision 100 head, two-stage aluminum Pozi-Loc tripod and mid-level spreader. This system offers the user a great location set-up with the ability to accept a large camera package with accessories.

Vision 100 Tripod Head

The Vision 100 is perfect for all professional ENG or EFP situations that demand total reliability and control excellence. Combining Perfect Balance with the innovative TF drag system, the Vision 100 allows total control and consistent performance in the toughest conditions. Following the action is effortless even at the heaviest drag setting and regardless of the environment. The Vision 100 also includes illuminated drag controls and a digital counterbalance readout, ensuring simple and repeatable camera set-up in any lighting situation.

Key Features:

  • TF drag mechanism
  • Illuminated controls
  • Repeatable balance settings
  • Extensive operating temperature from-40°C to +60°C

3821-3 Pozi-Loc Tripod Legs

The Vinten 3821-3 Pozi-Loc tripod is a precision-engineered two-stage, aluminum tripod. It offers a 100mm-bowl and Pozi-Loc leg clamping system. This lightweight, sturdy tripod is quick and easy to set up and provides excellent operational flexibility.

This tripod is constructed of strong anodized tubular alloy, thermoplastic moldings and die-cast construction, providing the strongest and most durable material for demanding applications. The Pozi-Loc system is Vinten's innovative cam-operated clamping system. It ensures tripod reliability and safety and its positive action shows clearly when the tripod is locked.

3781-3 Spread-Loc Mid Level Spreader & Rubber Feet

The revolutionary Spread-Loc is a fully adjustable, geared mid-level spreader, controlled by a single lock knob. In addition, the arms are individually extendable to provide a large spreader radius and facilitate use on uneven ground. The Spread-Loc spreader may be installed on any tripod provided with Spread-Loc attachment points. Fits all Pozi-Loc 75, 100 and 150mm bowl tripods and Torque-Safe ENG tripods - from October 2001

3340-3 Soft Tripod Case

The Vinten 3340-3 Soft Tripod Case is a padded tripod bag made to carry a Vinten Vision 3, Vision 6, Vision 8, Vision 11 and 2-Stage ENG Tripod Systems. It has interior and exterior pockets for documents and tripod accessories. It has multiple handles and a padded adjustable shoulder strap.

Key Features:

  • Durable weather resistant soft padded tripod bag
  • Ribbed padded interior
  • Double extra large zip fobs and full length zip for ease of access