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FOR A MV 1620HS Multi Viewer that supports mixed inputs of HD-SDI SD-SDI and analog composite signals

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SKU: MV-1620HS

FOR A MV 1620HS Multi Viewer that supports mixed inputs of HD-SDI SD-SDI and analog composite signals

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FOR-A MV-1620HS (MV1620HS ) Multi-Viewer that supports mixed inputs of HD-SDI SD-SDI and analog composite signals


The MV-1620HS is a multi-viewer that supports mixed inputs of HD-SDI, SD-SDI, and analog composite signals. Compact and inexpensive, the unit is nevertheless equipped with a wealth of functions, including a maximum of 16 inputs and 2 outputs, custom layout, audio-meter, title and timer display.


Key Features


  • Standard 16 inputs: supports mixtures of HD-SDI, SD-SDI, analog composite signals, and asynchronous signal inputs
  • Equipped with HD-SDI and HDMI output 
  • Layout software: PC based software enables users to create screen layout easily and flexibly
  • Layout memory: saves up to 16 created layout patterns in the main unit; select directly from the front panel
  • Audio-meters: embedded audio level display 
  • Title display: displays titles up to a maximum of 16 characters for each input
  • Live viewer software: for monitoring the output via PC on a network
  • Displays: analog or digital clock display;count down and up/remaining time display Background display, logo display features
  • Audio monitoring output: equipped with analog audio output. Enables monitoring of any channel audio
  • Error display: Video: video loss, black, freeze, intensity-level errors; Audio: audio loss, silence, over-level errors
  • Output extension option: In addition to HD-SDI output and HDMI output additions, REF input, analog audio/AES input, and analog audio monitoring outputs, background video input/output can be added
  • Interface extension options: additionally equipped with all types of control system interfaces & LTC inputs
  • Possibility to cascase the unit


Up to 16 Channels, Two-Screen Output

The MV-1620HS is a compact (1RU) multi-viewer that accepts up to 16 channels of mixed HD/SD-SDI or analog composite signals for monitoring on one or two (option) screens. Full-featured yet economical, the unit offers a customizable window layout and displays audio levels, titles, and timers, etc.

Versatile Mixed-Source Environment

Supports mixed signals as required, from HD-SDI, SD-SDI, or analog composite sources. Asynchronous input is also supported. The viewer accepts an array of formats and frame rates including NTSC, PAL, 1080/59.94i, 1080/23.98PsF and 1080/50i.

HD Output of Source Signals

Sources can be displayed on one or two (option) screens, with HDMI and SDI interfaces available for both screens to support HD monitoring.

Layout Manager

Includes a Windows application for managing the layout. Customize the layout on a computer by registering or changing layout patterns, adjusting title display, and configuring other settings as needed. Store up to 16 layout patterns on the viewer. Saved layouts can be applied directly from the front panel control.


Layout Manager screen

Video Streaming

In addition to computer-based layout management, you can also stream video from the viewer over Ethernet. The streaming video can be used for additional local computer display or for remote monitoring.


Video streaming screen (Live Viewer)

Record Streamed Video

Take streaming a step further by capturing the video. Simply enter triggers to prepare for image capture. (Video is saved as still-image sequence files.)


Screen for recording streams (Alarm Preview)

Front Control Panel

Standard front control panel enables layout and channel switching, local control settings, as well as remote operation.

Audio Level Display

Monitor audio levels of up to 16 channels of HD/SD-SDI embedded audio. For each source signal, use Layout Manager to customize displays for positions, the number of channels shown, and the display groups.

Tally Display/Title Display/Timecode Display

  • Tally: Choose from frame tally or marker tally display.
  • Titles: Identify each source channel with a title. Supports display of alphanumeric characters and symbols (up to 16 letters), which can be displayed within or outside the picture.
  • Timecode: Ancillary Timecode can be displayed on HD/SD-SDI.

Logo Display/Background Display

Register up to eight logos and four background images. Add two logos and one background per output, as required.


Adding logos and backgrounds

Time Display

Correct clock time is ensured by SNTP server sync. Two clocks can be displayed, in analog or digital format. Date display is also available. If not used as a clock display, this feature can be used as a count up/down timer, or remaining time counter.

Audio Monitoring Output

Audio from any channel can be monitored via HD-SDI, HDMI, or analog audio output.

Error Display

  • Video: video signal loss, frozen frames, or incorrect luminance/black levels
  • Audio: audio signal loss, silence, or excessive audio levels

Expansion Options

  • Dual output expansion: Reference input, analog audio/AES input, HD-SDI, HDMI, analog audio monitoring output, and background input/output
  • Interface expansion: Add a variety of control interfaces by using RS-232C/422/485 or GPIO input
  • Rotated image output (90/180/270°)
  • SNMP-based monitoring: Remote monitoring of source signals or fan alarm status
  • Redundant power supply

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