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Dedo COOLSET Dedocool light kit hard case

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Dedo COOLSET Dedocool light kit hard case

£4,119.60 (inc VAT) £3,433.00 (exc VAT)

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Dedo COOLSET Dedocool light kit hard case CALL FOR LEAD TIME ON THIS KIT


This kit is based around the first light designed expressly to meet the special require-ments of ultra high speed film making and videography. The Dedocool utilizes a low wattage low voltage lamp working in combination with a unique optical system and a special reflector which concentrates an intense amount of light over a highly concentrated area. Two carefully matched heat reflecting filters and transmitting mirror route the heat through two forced air ventilators and out the back of the head. Over short periods of time heating of the subject is negligible. Even after prolonged shooting sessions ambient close range temperature could best be described as "warm".


Key Features

This lighting kit consists of:

  • 2             COOLH                    Dedocool light head, tungsten
  • 1             COOLT3                  Dedocool transformer/control unit
  • 2             DST                          Dedolight Stand
  • 2             DBD8                       Standard Eight Leaf Barn Door w Gel-Clips
  • 4             DL250COOL          Dedocool 24V 250W bulbs
  • 1                                               Dedocool Hard Case

Weight:   17.4 kg (38.4 lb.)

Dimensions:   57 x 43 x 26 cm (22.5 x 17 x 10")

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