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Datavideo LD 1 Dual Colour LED Chromakey Light Ring

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Datavideo LD 1 Dual Colour LED Chromakey Light Ring

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Datavideo LD-1 (LD1 LD 1) Dual Colour LED Chromakey Light Ring, Control Box & Adapters (no cloth).


The Datavideo LD-1 Dual Color LED light ring features both green and blue LEDs, selectable with the flip of a switch on the included controller. The highly-efficient, directional LED ring allows you to make beautiful standard definition video chromakeys with little attention to background lighting.

The LD1 allows you to key out green or blue objects without having to physically switch backdrops, which makes it particularly useful for entertainment applications where the operator has little control over variables like the clothes that are worn by subjects.

Key Features:

  • LD-1 Dual green/blue LED light ring with control unit for switching colors and controlling LED brightness
  • Perfect light return up to 75 degrees off axis
  • Power supply with LED brightness adjustment
  • Remote control integration with Datavideo DVK-200
  • LED light ring lens size 72mm (additional stepping rings from 52mm to 82mm available from your reseller)


The Datavideo LD-1 is a Dual Colour Light Ring and LED controller for Chroma Key Studios. 

It is intended for use with a Retro Reflective Backcloth such as Datavideo RF1025FP. (NOW Discontinued by Datavideo)

It can be used in conjunction with the Datavideo DVK-200 and offers automated switching.

Using a light ring differs slightly to conventional chroma keying. 

Unlike conventional Chroma Key Studios it is not necessary to light the backcloth, in fact it is better not to.

It is best to have the camera between 3 and 7 metres from your subject, and your subject at least 1 metre from the backcloth. Providing some backlight on your subject will generally improve the keying effect, but you can play around with your light set up to get the required feel to the shot.

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