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Cineroid EVF 4MHH Electronic Viewfinder wIith HDMI

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Cineroid EVF 4MHH Electronic Viewfinder wIith HDMI

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Cineroid EVF-4MHH 3.2inch EVF Kit - Alu Metal housing with HDMI-A loop through. (EVF Kits incl NPF Charger & Battery, Mini-ball head, Carrying Case)


Korean company Cineroid are one of the first out of the gate with their EVF Metal range. The new 3.2 inch Pro-EVF4M electronic viewfinder will be housed in an aluminium case which the manufacturer says is designed to be professionally used. The screen has a resolution of 800×480 pixels with 16.7 million colours.


Key features include an anti-fog eyepiece, peaking, false colour, pixel-to-pixel magnification for focus checking, monochrome viewing and adjustments for anamorphic shooting. There is also a function to remote control the trigger of certain cameras. There will be three different configurations to choose from, each slightly different:


The EVF4MHH is a HDMI model with HDMI in and HDMI loop out.
The EVF4MHS has a HDMI in and a HD-SDI loop out.
The EVF4MSS has a HD-SDI in a HD-SDI loop out.


In addition, the EVF has crop marks and an audio level meter which shows levels from the HDMI input (although cameras like the Canon 5DmkII do not output audio over HDMI when recording, only playback). Power is from a Sony NPF-style battery or an additional adapter to utilise power from a D-tap on broadcast battery system.


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